The surgery Rosalia had before her rise to fame that changed her life was the riskiest

One of the most loved Spanish singers within the industry rosalia, who has managed to become one of the most successful personalities in recent years; famous has been pursuing her artistic career ever since Adolescence And now he wants to prove with his musical talent that he can become an icon Lasts long.

On the other hand, it is important to highlight that the famous singer of “Saoko” has had different surgeries, but there is no doubt that there is one surgery that changed her life and kept her safe. Connected To him and to his family, since much depended on this outcome for his then future.

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vocal cord surgery

At the age of just 13, “the famous interpreter of songs like”Kiss,dispatchAnd “Tuya” began her life on set, acting as an actress; But for a few years, he wanted to dedicate himself to singing flamenco, something that required him more vocally and at a professional level, but he had to submit to an operation of vocal cuerdas because there was Downhearted voice, when she was missing for a year To reach the age of adulthood.

On July 25, it became known that one of the most beloved couples of the contemporary music industry has ended their relationship and marriage commitment: Rav Alejandro and Rosalia, which maintained the bond for more than three years; People in Spanish reported the separation and breakup that has been the focus of the internet this morning and the girl believed to be to blame for the situation is model Valeria Duque.

She broke up with Raw Alejandro

In this regard, all kinds of information have been circulated where the famous singer of “Desenfoção” has been labeled as unfaithful with many women in and out of the music industry and shows. As happened with Camila Cabello.

In fact, it was August 10 when Rosalia’s ex-boyfriend uploaded a song amid the ongoing controversy over their romantic relationship, assuring him that he loves her and has never been unfaithful. , And he might as well wait. building a life together for him; in honor of the singer “Saoko” released a brief statement on her Instagram account which caused an uproar on the Internet.

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Rav Alejandro released a song dedicated to Rosalia: “I tell you, que te via genial”.

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