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Switch to Surrender in League of Legends

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Main problem League of Legends and online multiplayer games are nothing but the toxicity they experience. An environment that does not decrease over time, but vice versa. Therefore, different developers of these big titles they must do their part to make changes that will make the gaming experience more positive.. In this regard, it is time to talk about the changes that are about to take place in give up LOL.

What is surrender and why is it needed?

If you are new to MOBA RIOT Games, give up sounds like “Chinese” to you. However, this is not at all strange. Near a tool that a developer implemented many years ago specifically to do away with toxicity in some games. Matches that ended too early due to differences between teams, maps where someone turns off or trollor it just doesn’t load at the start are the reasons we might request give up.

However, and how could it be otherwise, the community soon discovered that an open door is toxic with a tool that was created to avoid just that. If you have been playing for a long time, then you have probably come across any player who doesn’t stop throwing change in LoL even when you win. A player who probably doesn’t have the best game even when the team is ahead and wants to get out of Summoner’s Rift. Not being able to leave the AFC due to the penalty he will receiveit won’t be weird to see ads give up every three minutes.

Changes Coming to the Rift

I’m still waiting Patch 13.16, we can see the changes that are already implemented on the PBE. We’re talking about change system give up which they have invested to try and end this situation. This resumption of the surrender vote in LoL has three key points. First of all, we will no longer be able to see who started the surrender vote in the game.

Also, this is not the only change that RIOT has prepared to improve the gaming experience. If before we could try to give up every three minutes, now who starts the vote will have to wait double time. six minutes. Yes indeed the rest of the team will still have the option to throw give up in three minutes.

Finally, message from text that appears in LoL chat when someone initiates a surrender will receive adjustments indicating that vote because from A.F.K., remake or one give up traditional. We’ll have to wait and see if this new mechanic can help combat rising toxicity in RIOT’s flagship game.

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