The GameFi sector maintains DeFi dominance at 41%.

DappRadar published a report on August 3, which states that GameFi sector dominance remains at 41% in the DeFi ecosystem..

To get this data, they indicate that Blockchain games interacted with 712,611 unique active wallet addresses (UAWs).which represents a slight decrease of 0.5%.

Despite this drop, blockchain games have maintained their dominance at 41%, reflecting their continued prominence in the Web3 world.

GameFi dominance in DeFi – Source: DappRadar

Thus, from April to July, the dominance of blockchain games rose from 38% to 41%, despite the fact that dominance remained at a low level of 36% in May and June.

The novelty that this new report highlights is that 4 of the top 5 blockchain games that have maintained their dominance in July are NFT games. and from DappRadar believe that this situation only demonstrates important role of web3 games in NFT trading.

Top 5 NFT Collections – Source: DappRadar

In the report, they state that:

Among these top-tier collections, only one from the Galxe ecosystem is not directly related to games. However, this is not much considering that Galxe, a social decentralized application, use UX gamificationerasing the boundaries between the social and gaming sectors“.

They further state that:most dealers in these collections they tend to buy more than they sell. This buying behavior indicates a growing interest in these games and further integration of NFT into the gaming ecosystem.“.

In this sense, it follows from the report that “Blockchain games have the largest number of users of any category in the Web3 industry, suggesting their potential for sustainable growth.“.

Other dapp statistics indicate that the social sector remained flat, with the UAW down 2% to 257,726.. Its dominance remains stable at 15%.

Show that the growing potential of decentralized social networks could fuel the growth of the sector in the next period. In fact, this period saw a slight 2% increase in dominance compared to July, when the sector closed with 13% dominance.

They also state that the sector of decentralized applications in DeFi after the increase in the number of users last month, saw a 26% decrease in UAW to 510,654 UAW while still holding 30% of total user activity. industries.

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