The Best Minecraft Bedrock Mods to Customize Your World

It is no longer true that the Java version is more customizable than Bedrock. With more modders supporting Bedrock Edition, a wide range of online customization options are now available to Bedrock fans. Here we have compiled a list of the best Minecraft Bedrock mods that can breathe new life into your pixel world.

One of the most popular mods is “More Simple Structures Mod”. This mod increases the number of structures that naturally spawn in your world, offering new ways to enjoy exploration. It features camps, pyramids, desert houses, magma vents, rock formations and statues.

For those who love mythology, the Mythological Craft Mod adds mythical creatures and buildings that you can fight, tame and explore. Get ready to meet famous creatures like Cyclops, Cerberus and Medusa.

If you want to improve the graphics, the “Vanilla RTX Mod” is a great option. This mod allows players to use ray tracing to improve graphics. It also includes fog settings for better world reproduction.

For those looking for action, “Total Carnage Mod” adds over 200 monsters, over 800 items, and over 500 blocks for you to fight in the game. Test your skills against different enemies.

If you like the design of houses in Minecraft, the Modern Furniture Mod is perfect for you. It offers over 40 pieces of modern and colorful furniture to decorate your home, such as glass tables and bookcases.

If you’re feeling limited by the default Minecraft tools, try the “More Tools Mod”. This mod adds over 40 types of armor, over 20 decorative blocks and over 900 new tools to explore.

The “Serp Pokedrock Mod” brings the Pixelmon experience to Bedrock. This mod adds a complete Pokémon experience to your world, including combat systems, mounts, true Pokémon evolutions, and most first generation Pokémon.

For those who love to cook in Minecraft, the “More Food Mod” allows you to cook more meals using the main resources of the game. Enjoy the best food options like scrambled eggs, burgers and ice cream.

The “Unlimited Trades Mod” allows you to trade an unlimited number of times with any villager without having to restock. This is a great way to earn experience points and emeralds.

The Better Villager Trades Mod overhauls Minecraft’s trading system, changing each trade so that some trades are cheaper while others earn more emeralds. It offers a more realistic trading experience.

If you’re tired of the existing biomes in Minecraft, the Expansive Biomes Mod adds over 18 new biomes for you to explore, breathing new life into your world.

The Animal World Mod expands your animal collection by adding many new species to your world. Some are aggressive, others can be tamed or saddled. You also represent ancient beasts such as mammoths.

For Star Wars fans, the Star Wars Vehicle Mod is available to build popular Star Wars vehicles such as the Republican Y-Wing and X-Wing.

The Real Backpacks Mod lets you manage your inventory more efficiently by adding backpacks that can be accessed as chests. They can store items and tools, making it easy to take everything you need on your adventures with you.

Finally, the “Connected Glass Mod” allows individual glass blocks to be connected together to create seamless panels. It does not change the original Minecraft glass block.

With these mods, you can improve the gameplay of Minecraft Bedrock and make your world more exciting and personalized.

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