Taylor Swift plans to turn her love life into a TV series

It was revealed by the “Daily Mail” that singer Taylor Swift is planning to start a TV series with screenwriter Alice Birch, who worked on “Succession” from HBO Max. Taylor, in addition to being on tour and working again—recording her old albums, I would also like to venture into television.

The newspaper “The Sun” also commented on this information. This Tuesday (25), in which she describes a possible meeting between the singer and screenwriter to discuss plot ideas.

Expansion in film and TV

In December last year, Searchlight Pictures, a studio that belongs to Disney, confirmed that it was working with Taylor, and that the singer would serve as a producer for the studio’s productions. In a statement, Searchlight Presidents David Greenbaum and Matthew Greenfield made the comments “Taylor is a once-in-a-generation artist and storyteller. It is a true honor and privilege to collaborate with him on this exciting new creative journey.

As such, TV series ambitions would come as no surprise in the singer’s career. Previously, he has directed several of her music videos such as “The Man” (2019), “Cardigan” (2020), “Willow” (2020), “Anti-Hero” (2022) and “Bejeweled” (2022) .

Taylor also showcased her talents as a screenwriter in 2021 with a short film inspired by her song “All Too Well”, starring actors Sadie Sink and Dylan O’Brien. The song, in its extended ten-minute version, was recently performed at the MTV VMAs.

The poster, script and direction of “All Too Well: The Short Film” is done by the singer. (Photo: reproduction/Instagram/@taylorswift)

Taylor’s inspirations

Taylor is famous for writing songs about her romantic experiences, and has made no secret of who the songs are about, in this case, her ex-boyfriends, who are famous among her fans.

The same inspiration for the songs may have emerged when scripting the series, as the plot would draw heavily from Taylor’s love experiences, which could easily be adapted into cinematographic language.

Always bringing the female perspective of relationships and therefore, identifying with a large number of fans, the choice of a possible partnership with Alice Birch is related to the screenwriter’s involvement in the creation of the character “Shiv Roy” in “Succession”, which Taylor Swift’s attention.

Featured photo: Taylor Swift to work on a made-for-TV project in addition to her current tour, “The Eras Tour.” playback/Instagram/@taylorswift

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