Spotify ranking in Spain: Top 10 songs with most copies of the day

Founded in 2006, Spotify has a presence in over a hundred countries where it seeks to establish itself as the best platform for listening to music and podcasts. (infobay)

Music Industry Companies and Artists Han got an alternative on the streaming platform So that the songs can reach more people and more countries, a good example is Spotify, which has gone out of stock and is now positioned as one of the favorite tracks used by the Spanish public.

However, in the face of an expansive music catalog that characterizes the new millennium, it’s easy to overlook the news or songs that are most listened to at the moment, because of what Spotify has to offer. This is a list of themes that are currently available to its users,

1. Colombia


Harvesting successes is synonymous with Quevedo. Therefore, it is not surprising that his new production, called “Columbia”, debuted on this occasion in the first place. Who else could have guessed that there would be 972,391 debut plays?

2. Lala

3. Netherlands


If we talk about the consent of the public, then we will have to mention the voices. Maybe that’s why Holland debuted in this ranking Directly on the third port, it reached a total of 615,482 copies.

4. Polaris

5. Baby Hello (Bizarre)

Raw Alejandro

Rave Alejandro’s most recent Sensillo already looks like a new classic. “Baby Hello (With Bizarap)” makes a strong move to enter the list of most listened songs on this music platform today. streaming, It currently has over 515,428 copies.

6. Arena and Salt (with Saeko, Tunvao)

7. Los del Espacio (with Tiago PZK, Maria Becerra, Dookie, Emilia, Rusharking, Big One, FMK)

8. Vagabundo (with Manuel Turizzo, Beale)

sebastian travel

« VAGABUNDO (w Manuel Turizzo, Beale) » written by Sebastian Yatra is very successful among the users of this platform, having accumulated 419,618 reproductions. Even today it is situated at the eighth position.

9. El Merengue (with Manuel Turizzo)

10. Coco Loco


“COCO LOCO”, performed by Maluma, is ranked tenth on the list, having received 364,940 copies.

*Some data may not be available as the Platform does not provide them.

In the music industry, Spain is one of the most difficult countries to conquer, but those who manage to do so are guaranteed a door to success, as these artists have achieved.

Spotify has become one of the most important streaming platforms that allows you to over 515 million users Listen to music from over seven million artists as well as tons of podcasts.

To be able to enjoy the services, just choose your plane With different benefits according to the price, although it also gives users the convenience of listen to free musicHowever, this mode contains ads and does not allow you to download songs without connection.

To start a session on Spotify, it will be enough to download the application on a cell phone or visit the website from a computer, then the user must register with an email address, telephone number or Facebook account.

Another thing to consider is that only content can be reproduced one device at a timeBut you can open sessions on different devices.

Spotify has become one of the most competitive streaming platforms out there. (Getty Images)

Like every year, the streaming platform recaps the most dreams and these were the artists and songs that managed to mesmerize the world in 2022.

successful subject as it was by harry styles If you take first place, you’ll also win Song of the Summer; It is followed by British indie rock band Glass Animals’ Heat Waves as the second most listened to song of 2022.

Australian support Kid LaRoi with Canadian Justin Bieber for simple stay became the third most listened to song worldwide.

Both fourth and fifth places were occupied by Latin artist bad bunnyJoe managed to conquer the world with his song Me Porto Bonito, a collaboration with Chancho Corleone as well as Titi Me Pregunto.

While artists are heard mostPuerto Rican musician and singer Bad Bunny also supported him. third championshipA post that has been maintained since 2020 and no other artist has managed to do so.

This was one of the most expected in 2022 Taylor SwiftAfter her triumphant return to the music world, she became the second most reproduced artist globally. At the local level, it was the first in countries like Australia, United Kingdom, Ireland, Malaysia, Philippines, New Zealand, Qatar, Slovenia and Singapore.

The remainder of the list was completed by appearances from Toronto natives:drake and the weeknd, While the K-pop group appears in fifth place, bts,

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