Sandbox VR opens its first location in Central Dublin

Sandbox VR, a popular brand of virtual reality experiences, is set to open its first location in Dublin city centre. The brand, whose early investors include Katy Perry and Justin Timberlake, will be housed in a seven-story building being developed by Keles Ikw. The developers have got approval to convert the commercial complex on the ground floor and attic into a leisure and recreational space to house entertainment venues.

Permission was granted when the city council planner determined that the virtual reality installation in the attic would not negatively affect commercial space on Main Street. The planning report describes Sandbox VR as a world leader in location-based virtual reality entertainment, using advanced technology to deliver an immersive experience. The proposed venue will have a capacity of 120 customers and will be Sandbox VR’s fourth opening in Europe.

The city council has asked that the plan remove television monitors on interior shop windows in areas of visual aesthetics. The planned establishment in Ireland will also have two bars, and the second bar will have a robotic waiter named Tony.

The opening of Sandbox VR in Dublin will improve the mix of uses in the finished building and contribute to the diversity and attractiveness of leisure and entertainment offers in the city centre. The brand, which operates under a franchise model, is currently present in 40 cities across the globe.

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