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With the arrival of ‘Barbicore’ and the end of summer, they all want themselves to look “drunk in the sun” as if they have spent many hours under the sun, but obviously not because the sun causes premature aging. causes to happen, the ideal option is that legado con la nueva trend de maquilaje que already han lelvado rosalia and Karol G: that ‘Baby Pink Makeup’. if you are not familiar with trendDon’t worry, here we tell you how to achieve it respectively.

In the past we told you about ‘espresso makeup’ which is more tan, ideal if you want to achieve a sexy and dramatic look. now it’s his turn baby pink makeup‘, which has gone viral on social networks because of how easy it is to recreate and how beautiful the final makeup is filled with different pink tones.

purpose of this new trend is to create a natural juicy and ruddy skin, with this, the personality will shine with more luscious and vital skin, for this reason, it takes perfection for mature skin, for those who want to correct their features or age less want to be seen. On the other hand, if you want a more mature look, this might not be the right choice for you, because, with rose shades, you’ll end up with a softer look.


The pink color will still follow the fashion of several months, so you still have time to adopt the trend that is winning the hearts of the most famous makeup artists such as Patrick Ta, Gigi Hadid, Karol G and Camila Cabello’s makeup artist; Ariel, which makes Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian and rosalia, and Mexican makeup artist Luis Torres, who created Anita, Aitana, and Yeri Mua.

How to do baby pink makeup?

The main thing is that you have a clean face and your perfect skin care routine to be able to apply cosmetic products and thus you are able to achieve lasting makeup with well-hydrated skin. Your skin care routine should be tailored to your skin type and the individual needs of your face. Now, step by step!

Wear a lightweight foundation to make skin appear more natural and smooth, especially with a luminous finish. Then apply a little cream contour over the dark tan to give it some depth, but not too much, as it won’t be the main focus of attention, but rather blush and shadow. Sella el contour con uno en octopus and, in the same way, t zone with a translucent octopus.

Ahora Si: Los Ton Rojas. All you’ll need is a very pink blush to add a touch of color, which you’ll sweep onto cheekbones and cheekbones until you make it down to the browbones. If you have a pink eyeshadow palette, you can do this with it. Aggrega un labial en los mismos tonos “Babypink”. Finally, add gloss, which is also on trend, so matte lips have gone down in history.

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