Romantic comedy with Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis will win the Brazilian version

Romantic comedy “Amizade Colorida” starring Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis will win the Brazilian version

Oscar Nucci, under the supervision of Gustavo Assumpção Published 08/16/2023 at 2:14 PM – Updated 2:44 PM

This Wednesday, the 16th, it was reported that an American romantic comedy starring Justin Timberlake it is Mila Kunis, will receive the Brazilian version. The name of the original movie is “Colorful Friendship” and it was released in 2011.

According to US website Deadline, the Brazilian version of “Emizade Colorida” will be directed by rafael gomes, Rafael has films like ‘Tapa Na Pantera’, ’45 Days Without You’ and ‘My Love Album’ in his resume.

And who will star in the film that initially stars the singer and former member of the band N’Sync and the actress he is married to Ashton Kutcherin the brazilian version it would be maria bopp it is icaro silva, María gained recognition on the Internet from viral humorous videos, but she also acted in series such as “Me Chama de Bruna”, “As Seguidoras” and “Novela”. Monica Iozzi it is miguel falabella,

Icaro Silva, who will play Maria’s girlfriend, has already starred in series such as “Sob Presão” and “Coisa Mas Linda.” He also participated in several Red Globo soap operas such as “Verdes Secretas”, “Verão 90” and most recently “Cara e Correjam”, where he played the villain Leonardo.

“Amizade Colorida” will revolve around Julia, a recruiter from São Paulo, who hires Daniel, an art director from Salvador, to interview for a job at a large technology company. Initially undecided whether to accept the offer, Daniel eventually moves to São Paulo, where he spends the day with Julia. Within no time, their friendship turns into a colorful friendship. Compared to the 2011 film, the story is the same, only the name and city have been changed.

shebnam askinwho is a creative producer and head of Sony Pictures International commented on the Brazilian production which is based on the American film. ,We are always looking for authentic and diverse content in Brazil“, she said. The American producer also commented: “Colorful Friendship brings to the audience a new film full of love,


Speaking of new Brazilian movies, last Tuesday the 15th premiered the movie Angela, starring isis valverde and it tells the story of the socialite Angela Diniz, Famous was murdered by her boyfriend in 1976 dock road Praia dos Osso in Rio de Janeiro.

For the premiere of the film, Isis opted for a look consisting of a Maison Alaia dress, black lingerie, a leather belt and black heart-shaped shoes. The cost of the star’s entire look was approximately R$28,000.

Even Isis was mesmerized when she came with her son Royal, four years old. The boy who is the result of an old relationship between an actress and a director from Minas Gerais andre resendeThe all-black look of a long-sleeved shirt and pants oozed cuteness.

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