Raw Alejandro responds to those who believe he has an alleged romance with Shakira and Camila Cabello

singer Rav Alejandro knew from the moment it was revealed that his emotional relationship with Rosalia had ended, Because some people have contributed in raising the controversies and deciding that it would be a perceived infidelity on his part. Although both have clarified that they cannot live together due to different reasons, it was known only between them and it seems that they will not disclose it.

However, Boricua Shakira has been linked with Due to the fact that he was seen in a river on a sunny day much less with camila cabello than with other peopleConvinced by some means of communication that she was the reason for the breakdown of the loving bond she shared with him, who wanted to marry at some point.

The ‘Hayami Hana’ star was caught by some paparazzi last Saturday night and asked about his love life. It took time for Nelsey Carrillo to figure it out How finds the singer as he is going through a strong moment and contests “Bien”.

Carrillo doesn’t do any more detuvo I wanted to know if your heart was busy closingAnd it is that the singer has not stopped seeing himself involved in many rumors where the occasion has been reduced because he did not really know what had happened.

El Boricua assures that he is “lonely”, Because he can’t keep up with either Camila or Shakira, who was only a year apart from the father of her two sons when she was unfaithful to a man two decades younger than her.

Rav Alejandro releases a theme dedicated to Rosalia after her breakup

“Everything gets more difficult with time
But no one is ready for this preparation
Y no culpo, la vida que llevamo ‘no es pa’ todo el mundo
press, net’, group pressure
It is more difficult to stand together, easier together’
We work non-stop, but for how long?
‘, is part of the song’s lyrics.

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