Mistake ruins team play in $50,000 CS:GO tournament

Valve is a great company that often listens to their community; however, the reality is that it’s not perfect either. As evidence we have that he did not resolve the error in Counter Strike: Global Offensive which now cost the top team a game in the $50,000 tournament.

The victim of this situation is JW, a Fnatic legend who currently plays for EYEBALLERS. His team recently played the Polish team Los Koguitos at CCT North Europe. Although the Poles were superior for most of the game, things could have been different if not for the bug.

In the first leg, Los Coguitos were leading 15-14 and unexpectedly stumbled upon a good moment. Turns out JW had a bug showing silencers behind walls, it showed their location and they were able to quickly remove it. Taking advantage of this, they took the opportunity to invade the A site and thus win the first round.

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Although EYBALLERS were victorious in the next match, it was in match 3 that Los Koguitos took the final victory. Although this is an assumption, if the bug had not appeared, EYBALLERS would have had a real opportunity to win the match. Worst of all, this is a bug that has existed for years, so several pros have been affected by the same thing.

The reality is that the cycle Counter Strike: Global Offensive as Valve’s main tactical shooter comes to an end. higher since then counter strike 2 is on the way and is expected to take center stage. Let’s hope that this sequel does not have these annoying problems.

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