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41 dead as a new cruise ship sinks near Italy’s Lampedusa island

ROME (EFE).- A total of 41 people died in a new shipwreck near the Italian island of Lampedusa (South Italy), according to the testimony of four survivors rescued by the Italian Coast Guard, confirmed by EFE sources of International . Migration Organization (IOM). Rescue workers who arrived in Lampedusa this morning told authorities that the ship had left Sfax (Tunes) and after about six hours of navigation, the ship returned to a huge greeting and 41 migrants, including three children. Sea. The four survivors, two men, a woman and a child, from Costa de Marfil and Guinea Conakry are in a state of shock.

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New dead and missing in a hostel fire in Alsace

Paris (EFE). – Firefighters have retrieved new bodies and are searching for others missing among the charred remains of a hostel in the Alsatian town of Vintzenheim, in the east of France, where a massive fire broke out this morning. “We are looking for the remains of those who could not leave the building. We found a new and missing dos”, the head of the rescue operation, lieutenant colonel of firefighters Philippe Houwiller, told the press. Houwiler reported that the fire completely reduced a large part of the building to ashes and caused the second floor to collapse, making the rubble “unstable”, complicating the operation to search for the last corpses.

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Russia shoots down Ukrainian drone near Moscow and Shoigu denounces rising threats in Occidentate

MOSCOW (EFE).- Russian armed forces shot down these Ukrainian combat drones in the metropolitan area of ​​Moscow in the first hours, informed the mayor of the Russian capital, Sergei Sobyanin. According to the Russian state agency TASS, Sobyanin assured in his profile of the social network Telegram that “combat drones tried to reach the city. Both were shot down by air defense systems, one in the Domodedovo area and the other in the vicinity ” From Minsk Highway. No heroes have been reported”. Russian Defense Minister Sergui Shoigu condemned today during a meeting with the planning mayor of the armed forces that military threats to Russia from the West have increased “exponentially”.

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Sedeo says Niger coup leadership does not allow him to hold talks with them in person

LAGOS (EFE).- The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) confirmed it could not meet with the coup board in Niger this month after representatives of the bloc, the African Union (AU), rejected the visit. Had done it. The United Nations contacted him to negotiate his return. In a statement released this year, Sedeo said, “The mission was canceled following a statement sent late at night from Niger’s military authorities, which indicated that it could not be received by the trilateral delegation.” A source in the self-styled Consejo Nacional de Salvaguardia de la Patria (CNSP), responsible for the coup, indicated to EFE that the board considers Sedeo’s mission “useless”, to “make his position known” with regard to the situation in Niger.

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Thai police continue investigation into Daniel Sancho’s case

According to EFE, confirmed by a police source, Koh Phangan (Thailand) (EFE) was declared guilty. The police in charge of the case, who are not expected to question Sancho again at this point, have 84 days to complete their first report of the investigation, which they will hand over to the inspector, when they start the trial. Could. Today, the Koh Phangan commission assured EFE that they cannot estimate how long the process will take as it is a matter of “collecting all possible tests”.

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Transportation disruptions and evacuations continue in southern Japan by Typhoon Khanun

TOKYO (EFE).- South-western Japan continues to experience significant disruptions to transportation and thousands of people have been ordered to evacuate before Severe Tropical Storm Khanun moves through the waters surrounding the area. KHANUN, the sixth typhoon of the season in the Pacific, which is causing significant damage despite being low in its category, today approached the coasts of the regions of Kagoshima and Kumamoto on the island of Kyushu in a north-northwest direction. The typhoon, which has already paralyzed air transport in the neighboring prefecture of Okinawa and left dozens dead and injured since it began last week, continues to hit the United States after a 180-degree turn in its tray area. keeps. Last days to return to the field.

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Nagasaki remembers its nuclear tragedy in a modest ceremony on the arrival of the storm

TOKYO (EFE).- Nagasaki in Japan’s south marked this milestone as the 78th anniversary of the nuclear attack that devastated the city, months after the G7 summit in Hiroshima was celebrated and Typhon It was celebrated with a low profile due to the arrival of Zone. The ceremony, which normally takes place in front of the Statue of Peace located close to the epicenter of the explosion, was moved to the Nagasaki Dejima Messe convention center due to concerns, the first time it has been held indoors since 1963. Typhoon effect. The Prime Minister, Fumio Kishida, who could not travel to the city for that reason, sent a video message in which he said that “there is a certain division in the international community regarding nuclear disarmament, in particular, on the Russian nuclear threat”. ,

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Bomb blast kills journalists and soldiers in southern Syria

BEIRUT (EFE). – A cameraman and a Syrian reporter were killed today accused of detonating an explosive device with soldiers when they returned from covering an anti-drug operation in Deraa province, in the south of the Arab country. Were staying, the officer said. Syrian news agency SANA. The victims were identified as Ahmed al Maslameh, a cameraman for state television Syria TV, and Firas al Ahmed, a reporter for the Syrian SAMA TV channel, who informed SANA without naming that the explosive device had been planted by “terrorists”. No special group. Mohammad Alaskara, from the network of local activists-journalists Horan Free Media, assured on his Twitter account that Mustafa al-Qassem, the leader of the pro-government militia, detonated his vehicle today in the same walled area. At the moment, it is not clear whether Al Kassam was traveling in the same vehicle as the deceased journalist.

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At least 35 people were injured in an explosion at an optical equipment factory near Moscow

MOSCOW (EFE). – At least 35 people were injured, four of them seriously, in a powerful explosion at an optical mechanics factory in the town of Serguev Posad, 75 kilometers north of Moscow, local officials said. Most heredo injuries come from squirrels and cuts. Preliminary information indicates that the accident may have been caused by a violation of safety regulations at the plant. According to the Kommersant diary, the explosion occurred in a pyrotechnics warehouse located inside the plant, and means that the affected surface – about 100 square meters – was completely destroyed.

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Rapper Tory Lanez has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for fatally shooting Megan Thee Stallion

LOS ANGELES (USA) (EFE). – A Los Angeles Superior Court judge has sentenced rapper Torry Lanez to 10 years in prison for the shooting and subsequent pieing of hip-hop artist Megan Thee Stallion. A party is celebrated at the home of model Kylie Jenner, located in Hollywood in July 2020. The Canadian singer, 31, pleaded guilty after pleading guilty in December to three offences: firing a semi-automatic firearm, assault. The same pistol, and the currency of this charge and its name is not registered. efe


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