Los Deportes Para ‘Caeytanos’ Que No Fallen En Verano

sotogrande It’s synonymous with sun and Mediterranean sea bathing, but San Roque’s beach is not the definitive argument for this enclave of Cadiz to be synonymous with lujo summer after summer.

In 1964 Joseph McMicking decided to build a special corner on the Moroccan coast opposite Gibraltar. There, an urbanism was created where owners of great fortune could enjoy discretion and privacy, high gastronomy and, as it were, the practice of sports within reach of only a few.

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el golf

This summer without the gels, you can’t miss the laid-back golf experience. Since then, the leisure offer has been added to five courses: El Almenara Golf Club, Real Club Valderrama, La Reserva Club Sotogrande, Real Club de Golf Sotogrande and The San Roque Club.

Your boyfriends can’t pass without the manual outfit: polo, beanie and white wobbles. Stylistics aside, golf is expensive for several reasons: First, the cost of equipment. In the best of cases, a full set of sticks and balls costs less than 400 euros, which is why this initial barrier already prevents millions of people from trying to succeed in this sporting discipline.

You are playing golf knowing that you have the money to make it. (Source: Giphy)

To this initial assumption you would have to add club membership, which while a spoiler, is also quite expensive as you would have to maintain the entire golf course. The tree requires a special maintenance so that it remains in perfect playing condition, the cost of watering and maintenance is justified in a certain way, of course.

horse riding and polo

However, if anything this summer destination is essential for the elite and its polo tournaments. The first competition of the famous four teams Sotogrande Gold Cup It was first played in 1971. Since then, it premieres a new season every year between July and August, grossing 35 million euros and has been transformed into a top-grossing show. World’s third most important polo championship and the first of continental Europe.

Along with this event, horse riding is one of the leisure activities of the richest people. There are two key elements in this regard: On the one hand, he has to exercise with the horse. Buying an animal costs around thousands of Euros and keeping it costs even more. This is because they don’t negotiate with the staff they need to take care of and rent or buy land where they can train and rest. horsemanship can kill anyone 183,000 Euro annualAccording to statistics from the Federación Internacional de Deportes Acuestres (FEI).

Many people choose to practice the sport without the need to keep a horse on the property, simply going to a riding club where they train with someone from the stables, but this does not have a high cost that is not accessible to all. It doesn’t happen inside. People.

It is not clear whether competitions related to the horse world have been turned into a popular classic in the province. no mu lejos de sotogrande, n sanlucar de baramedacelebrated every year Las Horse racing In the municipal beach.

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The event is divided into two cycles of three days each, which also covers the month of August. The finish of the race is demarcated by the nautical calendar. As it is a natural hippodrome, the races have to coincide with periods of good weather. in 2023 Will be between 10 to 27 August,

furon announced Fiestas de Interestes Turistico Nacional en el año 1986 e Internacional en el año 1997, but their origins go back much further, in informal competitions held by fish sellers to be the first to bring them to the markets. It is one of the oldest equestrian competitions in Europe, specifically the second English-style horse race that was regulated in Spain. The first race took place on the Alameda de Osuna in the year 1835, while the documentary origin of the first race on the beaches of Sanlúcar de Barrameda dates from 31 August. Year 1845.

Its celebration leaves every year a curious fusion between the beautiful postcards of the sunset and the puestos of the children who come to make their predictions for the occupants of the amphitheater and the official stages, which divide the competition with prismatics. .

the candle

However, there will also be those who find an excuse to ride a horse or hammer a hammer in the scorching heat of summer. loss Despite the high temperatures, the myriad benefits of the sport make it a ‘must have’. For those still tempted to stay at the VIP Cortijo la marina To enjoy air conditioning, we have a number of sea and air options that can also be a winning blow.

“Sailing in Spain is only for fun, but it should be the national sport”, he said on one occasion. Theresa Zabel, double Olympic champion, triple world champion and three-time European champion. If she herself says so, then who are we to contradict her?

Cadiz se ha cho un hueco tambien en la Formula 1 del Mar. Competition that matters with a Spanish team on board Fastest catamaran, F50, From 2020 onwards. As of 2014 La Tacita de Plata has a guaranteed stop on the circuit: Grand Prix of Cadiz by SailGP.

Last year The region had an economic impact of $56.9 million (58.3 million euros)., As of the closing date, it generated the largest economic return, nearly triple the data for the 2021 edition, which generated an impressive $20.5 million (€18.9 million). Will be repeated this year from 24 to 25 September.


The sport became fashionable some ten years ago, and since that moment, it is rare that photographs of celebrities have not circulated for a year. In this sport, the person climbs onto a table that is attached to a wide hose that sends water down the side for propulsion, so that he or she can “fly”.

Leonardo DiCapro was one of the first celebrities to prove himself, since in 2013 he was in Ibiza with Tony Garron, his partner of the moment, and decided to surf the ocean with him. For the occasion, the actor Titanic I was accompanied by actor Ethan Suplee, Russian millionaire Vladislav Doronin and his girlfriend, model Lu Zilin.

Queens Tamboco missed the opportunity to prove that it was Shakira and Gerard Pique when they were still in love. In the video, the Colombian singer is seen in the air for a second before falling into the water, but the singer claims that “it was not recorded” despite the fact that it was loud.

A 15-minute flyboard costs around 100 euros, so it’s not within reach of all pockets.

aerostatic globe race

The competition began in France in 1783 at the hands of the aviator Jean-Pierre Blanchard and has been celebrated by Segovia for four consecutive years. Festival Accessible de Globos Civitatis Ciudad de SegoviaUp to forty aerostatic globes gathered in the sky at the same time during a weekend in July to draw attention to the need to guarantee access to people with reduced mobility in all kinds of activities.

Simply, anyone who wants to participate needs several thousand euros to practice. If the price of one hour round the world fluctuates between 150 and 300 Euro per personBuying it to compete professionally involves an investment of 35,000 euros on average. Get ready to empty your pocket.

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