Jeon Jungkook talks about his future in BTS Are you planning to leave the group?

Jeon Jungkook finally talks about his career as a solo artist and the next steps he’ll take, because I guess it’s all out in the open, tremendously unknown among his fans kpopwhat is your future bts?, Will you follow the initial plan to go to military service? Although Murthy hasn’t given anyone a concrete answer, I think he has dropped some clues.

The 25-year-old officially broke the silence, and he debuted as a solo artist with his song.SevenLast July 14th I attended an incredible concertgood Morning America«, breaking a series of impressive records, established himself as one of the most successful solo artists of the season.

That opened up a lot of questions because of the huge success you’re getting jungkookIt’s convenient that he’s venturing into a new music project as a solo artist, and that’s what, during a recent interview with Spotify, he statue Answered a series of somewhat controversial questions about his future.

Firstly, he was asked about his composition process, claiming that he didn’t really write too many songs, but that he liked to compose melodies. But when he asked, there was one response that got the most attention.What do you plan for the future??, answer the following.

,I feel like I’m on a trial run, restraining myself because I want to do a lot of things, including different music styles, I think this answer caused a bit of controversy ¿Why didn’t Idol include BTS in his plans? Are you planning to leave the group?, only time will answer all these questions.

You can watch the fascinating full interview of Jeon Jungkook from BTS Spotify Continuity while promoting their song “Seven” ft. LottoDon’t forget to activate the subtitles in Spanish:

Jung Kook dives into the ball pit to answer the Army's burning questions.  Spotify Ball-Terview Teaser

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