“I think we can be even more abstract because it’s digital”

The director of ‘Avatar’ said 2 cents on projection at 120 frames per second. The man responsible for ‘Geminis’ sees it otherwise

In mid-2023, technological advances allow us to enjoy more immersive 3D than ever before, sound systems that cut through the air and state-of-the-art cameras that allow us to shoot with large format projection. Brain. But, just like that, The film industry continues to search for what English speakers call “the next big thing”.,

During a good season, the anticipated next revolution that drew the masses to movie theaters was HFR. a technology that allows Rotate and project wide footage at far higher frames per second than traditional 24 And it fills up with a level of surrealism that looks very, very bad for fiction – at least from my point of view -.

120 frames to master them all

James Cameron, Who This technique has been used in some scenes of ‘Avatar’ sequel, during an interview with Collider feel free to contribute your two cents on running and projection at 120 fps; Clarifying that I believe HFR is a tool and not a bad format. And, of course, it’s not a question of pointing directly to Ang Lee, who bet heavily on insane framerates in his erratic ‘Geminis’ (‘Gemini Man’).

“I have a personal philosophy about high speed frames per second, and it is a specific solution to specific problems related to 3D. And for me,[high speed frames per second]is just a solution for these shots . I don’t think it’s a prototype. It’s just my personal opinion. If Ang sees it that way. I don’t think it’s like the next 70mm or the next revolution. I believe it A tool for solving problems in 3D projection.”

We just have to turn to the 2019 feature film starring Will Smith to see what’s wrong with HFR in the context of fiction. As Cameron says, This fact makes Flacco favor the most traditional narratives. where action is practically non-existent.

“Bueno, that’s fine. The more mundane the topic, like two people talking in the kitchen, the worse it works, because you feel like you’re on set with makeup actors. Basically it, Did you know? But I believe when you have extraordinary subjects that are being recorded realistically or even with CGI, this surrealism works in your favor. So my Instead, it’s a variety that you stir up at certain times and use when you need it.

Apart from ‘Avatar: The Sense of Water’, where it works a thousand wonders in tandem with 3D, my only experience with HFR in movie theaters has been with ‘The Hobbit’ trilogy, and that has to be recognized Completely taking apart the pelucas, makeup and tricks was not exactly a pleasant experience and immersive. I call myself a stoner for Antigua, but I stick with 24 frames for the rest of my life.

Ang Lee, Resistance

for your part, Lee believes HFR can go further than Surrealism and once the technology is perfected, the adoption of proposals designed within the luxurious style; Even though your bond with reality is the reason for your existence at this point in time. Of course, I knew that theaters weren’t ready for the technology. This was stated in an interview with Polygon on the occasion of the premiere of ‘Geminis’.

“I believe we can go into imagination and do all kinds of things once we isolate how to use it. I believe we can do even more Can be intangible because it is digital. There is more margin of movement. But right now, it is a more obvious aspect, the (public) mind is more ready to live with appearances.

I don’t believe that realism is the objective. I think we’ve decided now that it looks real, so we’ll try to make it look real. But once we sort out how to play with that, and not just the filmmakers, but the public as well… I think it’s going to take some time before we start playing with that. But for now, what appears real appears to be its cause, as your eyes come to life”.

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