‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘Dungeons and Dragons’ actor Darren Kent dies at 36

Darren Kentlondon actors who worked game of Thrones and recently Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thievesdied at the age of 36 years old After a long battle against osteoporosis, arthritis and skin disorder.

The news was confirmed in a statement published on social networks by its representative agency, Carrie Dodd Associates, which reported that Kent had died. surrounded by your priests and your best friend,

The agency says, “It is with great sadness that we have to inform you that our dear friend and client Darren Kent passed away peacefully over the summer.” “Your father and your best friend are with you. Our thoughts and love are with your family during this difficult time. RIP mi amigo”.

Born in Essex, Kent began his career as an actor in the early 2000s. game of Thrones and popular BBC daily series eastenders, Ann game of ThronesKent played ShepherdIn a brief but memorable scene at the end of the fourth season.

in episode Children (4×10), Kent’s character appears before Daenerys with the charred body of her dead 3-year-old daughter to show her how much destruction her rebellious dragons had wrought. After the meeting, the queen tied up her two dragons so that they would not cause more harm.

(‘Depp vs. Heard’, a Netflix documentary about the courtship between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard)

One of his other outstanding credits is his involvement in the adaptation of los miserables premiered on BBC in 2018 and recently premiered on Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves,

Kent won Best Actor at the 2012 Van D’Or Independent Film Awards for his role. sunny Boy, In the film, he played a boy with a rare skin disease that prevented him from exposing himself to the sun and curbed his desire to be a normal teenager.

He was also a screenwriter and director and directed the 2021 award-winning short film you know mewhich won the January Awards at the London International Monthly Film Festival for Best Short Film and Best Editing Direction.

Kent was born and raised in Essex and attended Italia Conti, graduating in 2007. His first significant role as an actor was in the 2008 horror film Mirror,

Other Extra Credits Include Blankennives and Hunters, marshal’s law, Bloody Cuts, The Frankenstein Chronicles, Blood Drive, Green Fingers, Happy Hours, Love Without Walls and Bird’s Sorrow,

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