Drake has an explanation for his unexpected request for his final concert: “Keep puestos sujetadores” music

Drake He has never been portrayed as an artist who worries about what he will say or whether controversy ensues. For that reason, it was so weird that at this weekend’s concert in California, it made a request to its followers that “place subject holders,

The rapper began his tour in early July at the United Center in Chicago. Since then, It has become a tradition to fill scenes of subjects, Of course, at his concert in New York, he was taken aback by the massive turnout.

“Find this woman immediately”, he says at that moment after examining the great height of the support and imagining the enormous breasts that must be included. La Chica was located, it was about TikTok Veronica Correia who later received an offer to appear in Playboy, reports Billboard.

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So, in the last show you were requested to stop doing that, not messing with the way you acted these weeks ago. Peso has a house. This was the first concert in which his son Adonis participated.Five years old, and wanted to avoid some images on the younger child.

It was only a while ago that we saw pictures backstage in which he appeared braiding your little ones hair, An image that drew many comments.

lil yachty: It’s not possible that you’re sitting here acting like you’re braiding your hair for the internet.

Tyga: de tal palo tal estila

Dj Khaled:

Keep the hooves on your head so that no harm will come to your ears when the time comes. adonis coming on stage to his priest This in no way qualifies that moment as “the great day of Adonis”.

His son was able to prove in first person the affection and admiration that many feel for his priest, that’s all, without seeing the safest side of your concerts,

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