Drake announces new collaboration with Bad Bunny, six years after his first song

bad bunny Follow Siendo, one of the favorite artists of many singers to collaborate with, This Is Why Drake Joined Puerto Ricans To Unite Their Talents and release a new song.

hey little drake gave a concert in los angeles i was also in bad bunny and kendall jenner once again showing that they are together, although their relationship has not yet been confirmed; In this show, the rapper told his fans that he has recorded a new song with Conejo Malo.

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During the show, Drake addressed a few words to his fans, telling them that he had something important to say to them.

“I want to say something to everybody, because we are Los Angeles and we love them”.

The rapper commented that a few years ago he worked with Bad Bunny and he did it again in 2023, so their collaboration would be included on his disc.

“It’s been six years since Benito and I made a song, so our album has a song for everyone and it’s a reality”.

At the moment, no further details have been given about the name of the collaboration between Drake and Bad Bunny or the end date for its launch, but as it was before the rapper, The theme will form part of their new album titled For All the Dogs.

Bad Bunny and Drake have already worked together

This is not the first time that the singers are working together. Yes, in 2018, I was overjoyed when Bad Bunny became popular once more. Collaborated with Drake.

Drake and Bad Bunny record a song MÍA, which became one of the biggest successes in Puerto Rico, In this work we hear the rapper singing in Spanish.

It’s only a matter of time before we hear Drake and Bad Bunny’s new collaboration, which is sure to be successful.


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