Discover the next HBO series that will be released on the Netflix platform – Spoiler Time

l 2023 This has become a significant change in the entertainment industry, and not only because of the pain that, at the time of writing, was still active, but also because of the results received from streaming services, which led them to rethink their strategies. .

At the ground level it is about banning chain erasure or password sharing, this time if it is a measure that favors the end user. yes what HBOcompany of Warner Bros. Searche.g. has come to the conclusion of selling broadcast rights to some of its original content to direct competitors Netflix,

same as in the past August 1st Chain vulnerablestarred and co-produced Issa Raeyou are already on stage Netflixand today, Tue 15 Augchain of ballerswith Dwayne JohnsonAlready appears in the catalog with its five seasons.

But that’s not all, as other episodic productions will be added to them, such as the six-award-winning limited series Amy, band of Brothers, Limited Series Winner of Eight Awards Amy, Calmnessproduced by both Tom Hanks or Steven Spielberg, just like the series six feet Undercreated by alan ballreceived multiple nominations for Amy During its five-season run, it only gained new idols.

It should be noted that as of now, the titles are already available Netflixif you can keep coming hbo max, It is therefore expected that new aggregates -aun sin closing de estreno-, will also be seen in both services.

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