Criticize Kim Kardashian for her radical change in appearance

through social networks Kim Kardashian He has been severely criticized by internet users due to the radical change in look he has adopted. In the recent campaign of SKIMS. Among the comments it received, “Lord Kimquad” is prominent because of its resemblance to the character from “Shrek”.

The socialite has been a target of criticism on various occasions Mainly for his bold look, However, this is not a hindrance to continue experimenting with your image with make-up or clothes.

Kim Kardashian faced criticism due to a radical change in look

X’s account, formerly Twitter, Pop Base shared some Images of Kim Kardashian in her new campaign by SKIMS, Here business woman appears Complete a Blonde Bob Cut Below the Chinwhich reminded many of the character “Shriek” Lord Farquaad.

Apart from this, users also made fun of Kim Kardashian’s new look. @newls made one collage with personalities who have the same hair, Among them are: Lord Farquaad, Dora La Exploradora, Ada Moda, Taylor Swift and more.

Among the users of the famous social network there are also hobo queens. Missed the Last Time Kim Kardashian Wore a Bob Cut When She Was Starring in an Intense Fight Assaulting his sister Mayer Kourtney Kardashian.

Aside from the criticisms, Hubo assured that the look felt great and should be left alone with her iconic pixie cut, just like her mom Kris Jenner.

This is the interior of Kim Kardashian’s home



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