Craven El Cazador Will Be A Sad Movie

Craven El Cazador Director, Jesse Chandor Reveals The Film Will Be A Tragedy

In an Esquire article focusing on Aaron Taylor-Johnson, next movie hero Craven El Cazador, director of the same, Jesse Chandor, owner of Tono Sombrio who will direct this spin-off of Spider-Man. then comment how The film is influenced by the sad destiny of the supervillain in the comics, Chandor himself had doubts. Sony wanted it to be the main focus, but Subrayo was the one. The story is a tragedy. Also, I mentioned at the end of the movie those people who have been observant I don’t think everything will have a happy ending.

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Kraven el Cazador will be somewhat inspired by the plot of the comic Spider-Man: Kraven’s Last Caesareawhich was published between October and November 1987, It is one of the character’s most acclaimed comics, and one of Spider-Man’s darkest and most tragic adventures. In this story, Kraven, Sergei Kravinoff, seeks to eliminate the hombre Arana before his impending death. He kills Spider-Man and assumes his identity to demonstrate his supremacy, until Spider-Man is revived by the effects of a tranquilizer dart. Once the villain is successful in making his point, he contemplates his life before deciding to spare his life.

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Directed by Chandor and with a screenplay by Art Marcum, Matt Holloway, and Richard Wenk, Craven el Cazador stars Aaron Taylor-Johnson as an antihero warrior who is forced into exile by his estranged priest (Russell Crowe). Raised as an assassin. In the film, Kraven will meet some familiar villains like Spider-Man Calypso (Ariana Debos), Dmitry Smerdyakov (Fred Hechinger) and Aleksey Sytsevich (Alessandro Nivola), Kraven is one of three films from the Spider-Man Universe scheduled to premiere in 2024, along with Madame Web starring Sidney Sweeney and Venom 3 with Tom Hardy.

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Although it was originally scheduled to be released in October, the debut of Craven el Cazador was delayed due to the current Huelga in Hollywood. Its launch is scheduled for August 20, 2024.

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