Con Eustades Una de las Majors Convenciones del Norte: Comic Fest Juárez 4.

A huge program of anime, comics, videogames, cosplayers, doblejas, pop culture and much more comes to CD Juárez on Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 September from 6 pm to 2 am in the Plaza de la Mexicanidad.

This will include special guests such as:

Dubbing Actor: Patricia Azan “La Voz de Cartman y Kyle”, Patricia Acevedo “La Voz de Lisa Simpson y Sailor Moon”, Humberto Velez “La Voz de Homero Simpson y Winnie the Pooh”, Mario Arvizu “La Voz de Skipper y Superman”, Gabriel Basurto “La Voz de Tengen Uzui y Ban”, Octavio Rojas “La Voz de All Might y Smithers” and Pepe Tono Macias “La Voz de Deadpool, Leonardo DiCaprio and Capitan America”.

Youtubers: Los Shinigamis del Norte y El Negas.

painter: Rulo Valdes.

Conductor: Martin Olivas.

The event will feature live music, KPOP, merchandise sales, food, drinks, cosplay contests, and video games, among other features of the event.

Tickets on sale at all Sounds (Plaza Juarez Mall, Rafael Velarde, Gran Patio, Rio Grande Mall, Plaza Las Torres and Plaza Las Misiones) and Don Bolton’s Workshops or 614) 413-5400. (Prices are reflected while stock lasts and there is a 12% charge per serving).

Detailed event information:

Online Ticket:

Contest Information:

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