Charli XCX + Ashnikko + Post Malone + Jazmin Bean and more

Music selection of the day comes with official clip of the theme speed drive In charli xcx, most recent single from Ashnikko and he Tiny Desk Concert In post malone, Also we’ll hear the theme favorite toy In Jazmine Bean; with a banger reggaetonro Nikki Nicole or jere klein, first single from the next album nothing wild and many more. Let’s get started!

1. Charli XCX, speed drive

need fiber barbie if you’re erasing a bit, but charli xcx is ready to take us back to barbie land with a new music video. speed drive, his contribution to the film’s soundtrack. directed by charlie Ramez Silian, The video clip of Speed ​​Drive doesn’t make the same impression barbiecharlie pour devon lee carlson Make donuts in a California car park throughout the clip. Just like that, the inclusion of Muñeca’s convertible pink Corvette lends a special touch, and a pause in the music to announce a new collaboration between the singer and Sam Smith Will keep the internet on.


2. Ashnikko, cheerleader

Ashnikko arrive with shout for joy, final single from their next album weed killer. Accompanying Video, Directed by Joanna Nordahldisplay once again Ashnikko Here’s to It All: According to the press release, the video “combines elements of folklore and surrealism, drawing inspiration from the cinematic atmosphere”. mid summer and the tremendous energy of bring it on, in just over two minutes, Ashnikko and his team Sueltan in a dark and ominous forest. It mocks traditional beauty canons and replaces them with inner details of empowerment.

3. Post Malone, Tiny Desk Concert

post malone I studied in NPR workshops to play delicious Tiny Desk Concert, a few weeks after publishing my last album Austin. Postie opened his performance not with a new theme, but with his big success, Sunflower. Despite admitting that he’s ready to deliver his best vocal interpretation yet, Posty offered to continue with his soulful rendition of his 2017 song, I fall apart. Rounded out the setlist with the 2019 single, Circle, and a whole new topic Austin called enough is enough.


4. Jazmin Bean, favorite toy

jazmin bean You have submitted your latest topic, favorite toy, A crystalline proposition driven by synthesizers that is a hound in toxic relationships. On the subject, Jazmin says: “This is a retrospective look at my relationship with love and sex from a narrative perspective, which explores what happens when you don’t convince yourself from an early age that love If so, where can you reach? Unlike my previous songs, this one is combined with theme sound, production and lyrics. I recognize the sadness I felt in my self-esteem, but there is a general sense of hope and catharsis in the song’s melody. favorite toy This is the continuation of your last single, Piggy, which landed earlier this year. The clip was shot in Los Angeles and directed by Le Misme artist.


5. Jere Klein + Nikki NicoleX aso bibi!

Argentina Nikki Nicole I changed rap to reggaeton in its new version (at least for a while).a x aso bibi!, Cooperation with Chile jere klein where they sing La fiesta, wine and lack of love. The letters Hubla de foreshadowed a relationship leading to parties and drinking: hence the title’s bibi, which allegedly refers to the affectionate appeals that some couples use.


6. Wild Nothing + Hatchiheadlights on

The Dream Pop Group nothing wildled by jack tatumis back with his first album in five years and will stop celebrating if the lead single is releasedheadlights onwho is counted by the voice of Hatchi. Catch, Your new disc will be out on October 27th via Captured Tracks. follow the Indigo Since 2018, Like EP laughing gas of 2020. “I’ve been sitting with this record for a long time, so naturally I’m both excited and apprehensive to release it,” Tatum explained in a statement. “This is my primer Disco Como Padre. My first self-produced album since my debut”. Above you can watch the video directed by Nathan Castiel.

7. Death Cab For Cutie, an arrow in the wall

death Cab for Cutie Han presented a new song called an arrow in the wall With a Remezcala de la Cancion Hecha Por Church. ,an arrow in the wall It is related to the warning signs that surround us in the 21st sign that society in general is on the decline”, says Ben Gibbard, DCFC leader said in a statement. “The arrow in the wall may have failed this time, but it would be naive to assume that the next one will not do the same.” As far as Remezkala coming up with the song, Gibbard commented on church “I gave Bailey a new Triste Canción and it turned into a great club success”.


8. Blond red haired, First

after the latest single melody experiment or Snowman, blonde redhead If you bring up any other topic, First, that will appear on your next album sit down to dinner, which will go on sale via Section 1 on September 29. About this First, singer and multi-instrumentalist Blonde Redhead Kazu Makino states: “(It) was written with the notion of reincarnation in mind, narrated from the point of view of a man who knows it all. Some children seem to know it all, as if they remember their past lives… or at least that’s the impression I get. This song is a kind of celebration of that quality in a young person.

9. Cherry Glazer ready for you

Cherry Glazer Got a new song ready for you taken from their recently announced LP I don’t want you anymore. This is a continuation of the main single, soft as a flower, He explained, “Ready for you is about being so ashamed of yourself that you can’t see people through your eyes.” Clementine Creevy “And also tries to paralyze people for fear of harm with their stupidity,” it said in a statement. “Sometimes I’m afraid of infecting people with my problems, and I just want to hide because that way I can protect them from myself. This song helps me overcome it and face these feelings of inadequacy, I hope it does the same for other people.” i don’t want you anymore Sales begin on September 29 through Secretly Canadian.

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