Brazilian bookmakers add sponsorship to esports

Esportes da Sorte closed the agreement with paiN Gaming.

Brazil.- Esport da Sorte announced that it is a new sponsor game pain, a pioneering esports space in Latin America. The partnership between the companies includes a naming rights agreement, and the paiN playground will now be renamed. Arena Esportes da Sorte.

The announcement was made as part of the brand’s digital campaign and also includes sponsorship of Counter-Strike (main and academy) and Free Fire lineups.

Under the agreement, the Esportes da Sorte brand will be presented in the stands located right at the entrance to the complex, and is considered one of the most special and important spaces precisely because it hosts fans. The activation of major sports betting platforms should focus on this area to make the fan experience even more remarkable.

Thomas HamensCEO of paiN Gaming, stated that one of the factors that influenced the approach the most was the high reputation of the bookmaker in the market in addition to the many common goals.

β€œThe alliances that are forged between Grupo Esportes da Sorte and sponsors go far beyond simple negotiations, they involve the alignment of expectations and goals between the parties, whether it be trust, innovation, technology and attributes that are in line with our DNA.” Hamans assured.

Recently, the CEO of paiN Gaming referred to the regulation of sports betting in Brazil through an interim measure (MP) and assured that this is a fundamental initiative for a positive outcome of the agreement with Esportes da Sorte.

β€œAs far as we understand, things are going quite positively. From what we have heard, since the approval of the regulation, there will be new participants who are not yet working in Brazil. This increases competition and investment. In any case, it is good for everyone,” concluded the executive director.

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