‘Barbie’: Aqua gets pronounced after ‘Barbie Girl’ appearance on film soundtrack

‘Barbie Girl’ was released in 1997 and was considered for release at the insistence of Margot Robbie. Photo: Creations LR/Warner Bros. Pictures/Universal Music

led by leash greta gerwig ‘Barbie’, starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, who represent Barbie and Ken respectively, has been a stupendous success worldwide. Of course, if that’s supposed to be one of the most watched movies of all time, it would have to make over $1,000 million per tequila. For this reason, many listeners gratefully listened to the legendary song. ‘Barbie Girl’by Aqua, as part of the film’s soundtrack when, initially, it was shelved.

What did Aqua say about the appearance of ‘Barbie Girl’ in the film?

aqua singer, len nystrom, indicated that, in principle, the theme released in 1997 would not be considered for the film, due to problems that had arisen between the band and Mattel years earlier, as the song does not properly speak Bien de la Muñeca, And there the emphasis is on the superficial life associated with it. Furthermore, it contains provocative lyrics and suggestive sexual content.

However, if you were going to make a movie about Barbie, you couldn’t miss out on ‘Barbie Girl’ because she’s the protagonist, margot robbiehe insisted greta gerwig So that the song would continue to play in the footage, as it was somewhat inevitable.

“We totally understood that you wanted something fresh and new. And then, a few months ago, we asked for a collaboration (from Nicki Minaj with Ice Spice). It happened very quickly”, Nystrom said in an interview with The Guardian.

Which is the original version of ‘Barbie Girl’ and ‘Barbie’?

Ulrich Möller-JorgensenThe singer’s representative signed an agreement with Variety that the original song would not be used in the film due to a legal dispute, which led to Mattel filing a claim against RCA Records, the company in charge of distribution. subject in the United States.

The use of ‘Barbie Girl’ was refused permission due to the fact that it would be prejudicial to the footage. However, at the insistence of Margot Robbie for her appearance, a way was found so that the choir, at least, could sound in ‘Barbie World’, a theme that is part of the film’s official soundtrack.

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