Bad Bunny and Drake reunite for an exciting release

The audience attended the concert of Drake August 13 in Los Angeles witnessed an exciting first season. However, it was impossible to keep such impressive news a secret for much longer. Next, fans will be able to enjoy a new and long-awaited musical collaboration between the iconic Canadian rapper and Latin rap icon. bad bunny,

During this Sunday’s show, the “One Dance” artist invited the talented Puerto Rican artist, Bad Bunny, who has had several hits, whose real name is Benito Martinez. Together they created a memorable moment where both the stars came together on stage.

Bad Bunny and Drake reunite for an exciting musical release Photo: Instagram

Taking advantage of the excitement prevailing in the public at that moment, the artist revealed the exciting news: “It’s been six years since Benito and I made a song together”, states, in reference to Hitazo which meant MIA.

The song released by him in 2018, which has collected over a thousand million views on YouTube alone, signaled a break for one of the undisputed leaders in the world of rap and urban music in English. On this subject, the artist dares to sing in Spanish for the first time, breaking down barriers and broadening her artistic horizons.

What to expect from the collaboration between Drake and Bad Bunny?

“MIA”, their first collaboration, peaked at number five on the prestigious Billboard Hot 100 list in the United States, the singer’s first entry since “Un Verano Sin Ti” in the top 10, and twenty-six for Drake. ,

The song topped the hit list in Spain and made the top 10 in several countries, including Argentina, Canada, Colombia, Greece, Portugal, Romania, Switzerland and Venezuela.

Even if the cast’s new project achieves half the success that “MIA” had, it will still be a bona fide event in the industry.

After the cooperation is confirmed, the launch date is still pending. It turns out that it will come to light at some point this year, which keeps all followers in constant anticipation for whatever information or filtration they may receive about this new musical union. Of course, this announcement made fans completely emotional.

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