Angelica Sepúlveda reveals she’s battling a difficult illness

Published August 16, 2023

Angelica Sepulveda worried his fans by revealing that he is suffering from a complex illness: alopecia. Fortunately, he never gave up and tried to find a solution as quickly as possible.

In the middle of a conversation with Page 7the ex-girlfriend told how this process went: “My hair began to fall out a lot. I took out my bow and it was strands of hair. I went to a dermatologist and was diagnosed with alopecia.“.

Winner”farm girlsHe experienced several moments of disappointment, mainly due to the trip he made to Turkey.

Alopecia Angelica Sepulveda

The doctor told me that hair implants are common there, in fact, the whole of Europe will do this operation, I relaxed there.. When I came to Turkey, I had straight hair for over a year, I changed the color and started playing from there,” he said in an interview.

Angelica Sepúlveda has changed her hair color several times, but still dreams of her being pink like Karol G: “Even if it’s a fancy color that lasts a week, I’ll make it.“.

My hair resists well, they use very good and quality products. From the third session, I will already be a blonde (after bleaching my hair), after that we go to pink, ”he concluded.

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