10 Songs To Enjoy Anal Sex

Anal sex has always been a taboo subject in popular culture. But that hasn’t stopped people from subtly and in some cases explicitly singing about it.

Over the years, there have been songs about both giving and receiving. But it seems that the most emblematic songs about the anal game managed to become huge hits because their true meaning was lost years before anyone even said it.

Anal sex has been around since the time of the ancient Greeks, so luckily for us, it doesn’t seem to be going out of fashion. However, one cannot deny the art that is required to give a new twist to acting as one of the most ancient entertainments of the world.

In examining 10 songs that speak of love, we discover that the key is in the details. None of the songs mention the words “anus” or “sex”, but the combination of catchy lyrics and sexual allusions manages to convey the message.

all you have to do is relax and enjoy the journey…

“Relax” by Frankie Goes To Hollywood.

“Relax” by Frankie Goes To Hollywood, released in 1984, has all the ingredients for a great anal sex song. Its lyrics are enlightening and didactic, and the song’s accompanying music video is homoeroticism in its purest form: in other words, a perfect illustration of how visuals and sound can combine to present a strong message. Of course, when it comes to weird cultural moments, that’s not the case. Well, the internet is eternal, which means Frankie Goes To Hollywood will continue to teach young and old how to relax during generations.

“Pull Up to the Bumper” by Grace Jones.

The great Grace Jones doesn’t have a hair on her tongue, as evidenced by her well-documented career and her history of saved moments, including the time she slapped a man. But it seems she preferred to take a more fresh and casual approach when it came to anal sex, too. Their song “Pull Up to the Bumper” epitomizes that effort. La Cancion has the air of a dancehall, the kind of rhythm that can be heard on a hot summer day. But the lyrics say noche, tarde noche, that’s the kind of night you feel after hours of dancing in the club. As the song says: “Pull up to my bumper baby/ In your long black limousine/ Pull up to my bumper baby/ And run it down the middle”. A point perfectly taken home.

“Bloom” by Troye Sivan.

Troye Sivan’s Bloom’ is a short allegory about feeling so comfortable with a partner during anal sex that you can let it blossom and bloom. Among the many floral metaphors in the song, this lyric is particularly inspiring: ‘Necessito’ just before you go Tell me to say this / Promise me you’ll do it / If I’m scared now / Hold my hand I can tell you / Wait a second, baby, more quickly”. Anal sex.

“Down to Wherever” by Kelly Rowland.

In “Down to Where”, released in 2011 at the height of Kelly Rowland’s career, as a club anthem, she sings that she is willing to do anything, especially “when it comes to you”. Which means you are also willing to have backdoor sex. The majority of the song is played while singing Where You Want It: “Where you at sea”. Y cuando quiere hacerlo: “cuando sea”. In general, this is the type of song not to be sung lightly, unless of course, you “dispute whatever it is”. In such a situation, if you are, hit the repeat button and hold on to it.

“Hey Mickey” by Tony Basile.

Over the years, Tony Basil’s “Hey Mickey” has become a trendy song at sports venues across the country. Launched in 1981, it tells the typical story of a girl who is madly in love with a boy who doesn’t play along. In the song’s lyrics, she pleads that she can accept his love the way she wants. I can accept it even as a man.’ “Aisi que ven y demlo de culquier forma que puedas / Any way you want to do it, you gotta accept it as a man / Oh, please, baby, please, don’t leave me in this mess”, Mikey says. There are letters. You can only get your loved one at a time.

Madonna’s “Erotica”

“Erotica” by Madonna is a very erotic song. With bonding, eye selling, role playing and spanking, nothing seems off limits, and that’s only in the music video. For obvious reasons, the song and its accompanying music video were controversial when they were published in 1992. But it has since become an anthem of sexual freedom and the pursuit of pleasure, including the pleasure behind it. I caress from behind / I come to your mind / When you least expect it / Will you try to deny it?

“Goody Goodies” by Cake Da Killa.

Before Troye Sivan and Lil Nas X, Kek Da Killa broke down barriers about gay sex raping every detail. In her song “Goody Goodies”, we move from sexual allusions to explicit descriptions of how men enjoy them. goodie goodies, This n*gga tryin to cash me in his Honda Civic. Lo quiero, lo escepto. El Engredo forces me to climb onto the roof. It strikes, it launches into the plate and it moves at a speed of a thousand per hour (damn the sea)”.

Woe to the sea!

“Over to You Now” by Britney Spears.

Somehow, Britney Spears’s biggest fan ended up having anal sex in the song “Over To You Now.” The song was released during the peak of her chaotic relationship with her second husband, Kevin Federline. However, there Spears was singing sensually and openly in “The Basement” about this “secret” place that you would need, for example, to “algo de zumo” to enter. “I’m going to need some time, but you’ll love it once you’re up there”, he assures, before continuing: “This special place is in the attic / You gotta open the way / This place’s hot and this place’s hot / So are you ready to download?” Bueno, are you there?

“Birthday Cake” by Rihanna.

It doesn’t seem quite right to call Rihanna’s “Birthday Cake” a song. Its duration is only 1:20, with a pulsating and unbridled tempo, and it sounds better than if you’re listening to someone’s pillow talk. Despite this, Rihanna achieved success in record time, which is all the testing you need to know why she has become the superstar she is today. And it was her sexy lyrics that convinced listeners that she could be talking about much more than a wedding cake: “Ni siqueira es mi complenos/Pero el quier lamar el glassado”, she sings. “Se que lo quieres de la por manera/No veo la hora de blo mis vela”. We all deserve Soplane Las Vela de Nuestra Tarta at least once a year. do not you think so?

“Whole New Way” by The Caesar Sisters.

If you know the Caesar Sisters, you’ll know that they don’t rehash funny subjects. With musician extraordinaire Jake Shears headlining the group, it’s only logical they’d release more than one sexually charged song. The song “Whole New Way” is the exact opposite. The cool thing about the song is that it is not overly sensual in its naturalness and presentation, rather it naturally talks about finding a new way of loving a lover behind it: “A whole new way of loving me. Found a way / I got a big surprise, I can’t see you with my eyes, but I think you’ll love it too”, she sings. “I found a whole new way to love you / Behind you my attitude Volar la Cabeza / Perro si no es esta vez, we’re done”.

There are many things that draw us about the Scissor Sisters, but “Whole New Way” has helped us appreciate the group’s gayness and candidness in a whole new way.

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