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children of Will Smith Han followed your steps in between, And even though the actor has shown himself to be proud on several occasions, he has now revealed that he regrets supporting her.

Here we tell you what these Hollywood stars say.

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In 2022, the actor lived through one of the most complicated phases of his life, Pews, for one part, was on top of his “Oscar Award” success thanks to “Ray Richard: A Winning Family”, while facing controversy for his aggression against Chris Rock.

To live these moments Smith reviewed how her career negatively affected her children’s future.

In an interview for the program “Heart to Heart” broadcast through Peacock, actor I talk about the feeling that I felt when I started my children’s race.

Will wanted his descendants to take an important step in the middle, And they can continue their legacy.

But what I didn’t consider was that, maybe, it wasn’t what they wanted. The artist talks about the results:

“2010 was the best year ever as an artist and a priest. ,Karate Kid’ (starring his son Jaden) was released in June, and Whip My Hair (featuring his son Willow) followed in October. I was building this dream of family that I had in my mind. He thought: ‘I am going to do this job better than my father.’ That’s what we’re talking about, my father was abusive… I told myself I would never be able to have that kind of energy with my family, and I had an idea of ​​the family I was creating. This was achieved from 2010 to 2012. It’s a huge job, I have a lot of locomotives”, says Smith.

Will’s actions had a negative impact

Instead the actor was involved in the future of his children, Turns out they didn’t take it as well as they’d hoped.

,Nadi was happy in my family. Nadi wanted to be in a peloton. Willow was the first to start the riot, and It was my first understanding that success and money do not mean being happy. Until that moment, I truly believed that you could be successful on your path, have a home and a family, and that you could earn your way to happiness”, he added.

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