Will Smith regrets making his sons celebrities

The legendary actor visited Guatemala in 2022 and just weeks later Smith’s career took a hit when he experienced one of the darkest moments of his career. After the controversial slap given to comedian Chris Rock at the Oscars.

However, I work as an actor in the end Currently awaiting the premiere of films like Bad Boys 4, The Council or Fast and Loose.

In a recent publication the actor described his 33 year career despite Aoun felt he had “given time”, and feels “blessed and lucky”. To be able to dedicate myself to acting for so many years.

However, the hero of prince of bel airi was interviewed by the actor Kevin Hart where i expressed it Do you regret that you encouraged your children to become celebrities?,

Smith remembers 2010, as I said “biggest” after your baby Jaden starred Karate Kid and your daughter willow debuted at the convention whip my Hair, In that moment, Smith felt like the proudest priest in the world, mainly because he didn’t repeat his priest’s story.

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during the release of his so-called biography Desire In 2021, Smith reported that his priest, Willard Carroll Smith, hit his mother.

In the interview, he assured that even though it seemed that he had achieved happiness, the problems were overcome. Willow of his father’s reputation.

,Nadi was happy. Nadi wanted to be a member of the peloton. Willow was the first to riot, and It was the first time you told me that success and money do not equal happiness. Will Smith explained, “Up until that moment, I truly believed that I could be successful in my own way, that I could have a home and family, and that I could win my way to happiness.”

,I was never sad. I love life, but I was directing people around me in a way that left a scorched earth trail”, says the actor.

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