What do Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lawrence have in common? The accident that united two celebrities

the film industry full of casualties Already see the simultaneous release of the two most important films of the year in Spain (and in the world), as ‘Barbenheimer’, Deaths of actors at the same time or even death of famous people who happened to be stars by chance. But without a doubt, one of the most common coincidences in Hollywood is cumplenos, something they share Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lawrence.

Two Oscar winning actors have the same date of birth :L August 15. That’s right, while the Californian actor born in 1972, The hero of the comedy who turns 51 without bad rollsWhich was on the verge of leading one of the most famous sagas of this century, came to the world in 1990 and is celebrating 33 years.

Photogram of 'Song of Birds and Snakes'

Ben Affleck turns 51

National Actor in mid-August 1972 in Berkeley, California, Since his career started with so few new years he has participated in more than 50 movies As an actor, apart from directing five feature films, the last of them was acclaimed Air, Michael Jordan focuses on building the legendary Zapatillas and it’s causing havoc across platforms streaming,

Once at the top, he committed himself to choosing projects previously condemned to failure, such as 'Una relacion pelligrosa (Gigli)' (2003) and 'Sobreviendo a la Navidad' (2004);  His frequent missteps soon became the butt of jokes and his alcoholism further tarnished his image.  Nadi expected what followed: his first film behind the camera, 'Adios Pequena, Adios' (2007), earned him a solid reputation as a filmmaker and, in a rebound, returned as a respectable actor. .  Six years later, he won the Best Picture Oscar for 'Argo', which he directed and starred in.  It takes about 10 years without similar success but, at least, in that time not a single film has been released or openly ridiculed.
Ben Affleck became a star in the 90s.

affleck won Oscar’s Far from his Traktoria, although no one is in favor of interpreting a character: first received it in 1998, only after 25 years, thanks to its co-author script of el untamed will hunt (1997) With my great friend Matt Damon. He returned to the stage of the Dolby Theater after 16 years in 2013, when his belt Argo (2012), which I produce, Won Best Film Award.

jennifer lawrence is 33 years old

For his part, Lawrence was born That closed, but after 18 years, And instead of making it on the west coast, I made it in a small town in Kentucky. Ever since her journey began in cinema, the actress has participated only when the age limit is met. in 27 films And even some of them become part of the biggest franchises in the industry, like X Men hey game of hambre, The saga of the man who is set to return and the prequel will premiere in November this year.

Jennifer Lawrence in 'Sin Malos Rolos'
Jennifer Lawrence in ‘Sin Malos Rolos’

the actress has an Oscar award, She won Best Actress Award in 2013 bright side of things (2012), and has been nominated on three other occasions winter’s Bone (2010), great american scam (2013) and by Pleasure (2015). your last project has been a comedy without bad rolls, This is where Lawrence went completely nude for a scene.

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