Video games are included in the school curriculum at Garrang Vilam Primary School in Truganin to keep students interested and enhance their educational experience.

Garrang Vilam Primary School in Truganin is including video games in the school curriculum to keep students interested and enhance their educational experience. This innovative approach, proposed by schooling specialist Cara Claver, has received positive feedback from both students and teachers.

Using Minecraft Education, students have the opportunity to create virtual communities and landscapes, thereby immersing themselves in a geographic block. This hands-on approach allows students to not only build the structures of their choice, but also focus on creating essential services for the community to thrive, such as a veterinary clinic, library, and playgrounds.

Since Truganin is one of the fastest growing areas in the country, students are aware of the needs of their community. They found a lack of amenities such as a swimming pool and local bus service, as well as the long distances they had to travel to get to the mall. Through the use of Minecraft, students learn what a growing community requires.

The integration of video games for educational purposes is not limited to geography alone. The leaders of Garrang Wilam Primary School believe that this approach has opened up new possibilities and are exploring other subjects in which video games can be used as a learning tool.

Using school iPads for a Minecraft project not only allows students to engage in creative building, but also teaches them information security and online security. This ensures that students not only benefit from the game, but also learn to use technology responsibly.

The use of video games in the classroom at Garrang Vilam Primary School demonstrates her commitment to finding innovative ways to engage students and create a dynamic learning environment. With the overwhelmingly positive response to Minecraft Education, it’s clear that this is only the beginning of the school’s exploration of using video games as an educational tool.

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