This Wednesday (16) the PowerPix session will show ‘Braddock 3 – The Rescue’ with Chuck Norris at 9pm on MegaPix.

This Wednesday’s PowerPix season (16th) at 9 PM, will feature ‘Braddock 3 – The Rescue’. In this chapter, a military man played by Chuck Norris returns to Vietnam after discovering that his girlfriend is alive and has a son – who was placed in an orphanage for children who lost their parents in the war. Then the hero goes to the country to save his son. Starting the PowerPix session, MegaPix will be showing the special ‘MegaPix AO Racegate’ from 17:40. The first film to air is ‘Shrek’, in which cinema’s most beloved monster embarks on a journey to rescue Princess Fiona, who is trapped in a tower guarded by a dragon. At 7:20 p.m., “Carga Explosiva – O Legado” will air, in which a truck driver agrees to transport goods belonging to a criminal group. During the mission, his father is kidnapped and he sets out on a quest to free him. The program finale, at 11 p.m., is GI Joe: Retribution, in which special agents must rescue Storm Shadow, the White Ninja, from the hands of a group of criminals led by the powerful Cobra. Special ‘Megapix’ to the rescue ‘ + Powerpix session Wednesday, Day 16 from 17:40. Shrek (2001) Wednesday, 16 September at 5:40 PM. Synopsis: The monster Shrek loses his peace when a lord forces the creatures to live in a swamp. Determined to get her quiet life back, she must find a way to blend in with Raees. Directors: Andrew Adamson, Vicki Jenson Voices: Cameron Diaz, Eddie Murphy, John Lithgow, Mike Myers, Vincent CasselAnimation |Free |USA | 86’Carga Explosiva – O Legado (2016) Wednesday, 16th at 7:20 PM. Synopsis: Frank continues to work as a freight transporter without knowing what cargo is. He is hired by the beautiful Anna and her three assistants, but soon realizes he has fallen into a trap. They have kidnapped his father and demand that Frank help them eliminate a human trafficking ring. Director: Camille Delamare Starring: Ed Skrein, Lon Chabanol, Ray StevensonAction | 14 years old | BEL, CHN, FRA | 93′ Braddock 3 – O Racegate (1988) Wed, 16 at 9 PM. Synopsis: Braddock served in Vietnam and falls in love with Lynn, who he thought was dead. After finding out that he is alive and is his son, he returns to the place in search of both of them. Directors: Aaron Norris, Franklin Schaffner Starring: Aki Elang, Charlton Heston, Chuck Norris, Mickey Kim, Roddy McDowallAction|16 Years Old | USA | 102′ GI Joe: Retribution (2013) Wed, 16 at 11 PM. Synopsis: In the second film in the franchise, the GI Joes battle against the enemy Cobra, while also confronting the government that threatens their very existence. For that purpose, he directed the original GI: John M. Chukast: Dwayne Johnson, Bruce Willis, Adrianne Palicki, Channing TatumAction | 12 years | Worked closely with USA | 105’

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