This lively film disappoints with the worst premiere ever due to overproduction of onstage action

It easily dethrone ‘Hidden Strike’ to reach No. 1, but its victory is somewhat bitter

‘Agent Stone’ was expected to be easily hired with weekly No. 1 Netflixand it’s clear that the movie starred girl gadot There was no problem in dethroning ‘Hidden Strike’. However, it has come with very disappointing data, as the platform has had its worst start in terms of oversubscription since the data was offered.

Productions similar to Muy Por Bajo De Las Netflix

To give people an idea of ​​the difference, Alerta Rosa, which Gadot co-wrote Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds, debuted with 77.3 million views in three days. In the same period, ‘Agent Stone’ had to match 33.1 million, less than 50% of what the feature film I wrote and directed did. rosson marshall thurber,

Of course, that may seem a little unfair if we’re comparing it to the most watched movie of all time on Netflix. Let us again see how the situation stands with respect to other blockbuster movies that premiered on the platform During last time:

In all respects, “Agent Stone” sensibly sits down, something that may be partly due to less publicity due to the struggles of screenwriters and actors that Hollywood currently places in place. The question is why the sales are also falling in comparison to the action thriller ‘La Madre’ (42.9 million views) Jennifer Lopez Whose estimate is much better – it was said to be around $45 million -. If it’s more than what I did in ‘Turno de Dia’ which had a rough estimate of 100 million, but in this case it was a horror comedy with a touch of action.

Now you’ll have to see how ‘Agent Stone’ plays out over the course of the next few weeks, but I have to keep in mind that Netflix had the courage to criticize ‘6 in the Shadows’ for its lack of cultural relevance when It was a film. I studied the top 10 platform history for a long time in this, I find it very satisfying With this Gal Gadot action vehicle.

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