They claim in Tik Tok that this anti acne product also eliminates body odor

Bad odor in your armpits?  This solution will please you.  No, it is not a deodorant, it is not a perfume.

Bad odor in your armpits? This solution will please you. No, it is not a deodorant, it is not a perfume. (Photo: Getty)

If you feel a little restrained by your funk, you’re not alone. It’s no coincidence that perfumes and fragrances are among the most popular products on TikTok, probably because we all want to get a good read. It’s clear that we can’t always smell roses and that’s no shame.

Your body immediately emitting a strong odor doesn’t necessarily mean you’re sexy or neglecting your hygiene, there are many factors – from food to hormonal changes – that can alter your scent. However, if it bothers you or you worry that others are bothering you, there is a solution. Han found an idea on TikTok and no, it’s not deodorant.

US$10 on Amazon

Panoxyl Cleansing Foam

Panoxyl Cleansing Foam. (Photo: Amazon)

Panoxyl Acne Cleansing Foam is being promoted as the most natural solution for eliminating body odor. Yes, this is an acne product, as it contains 10% benzoyl peroxide, but it is also an antimicrobial.

This is an important detail because according to the Cleveland Clinic, body odor is produced when sweat comes into contact with bacteria on the skin. Sweat itself doesn’t hurt, bad breath is produced when it mixes with bacteria. Once you kill the bacteria, you’ll be able to read better.

US$10 on Amazon

How can you incorporate this product into your daily routine?

To use it, all you have to do is wash your armpits under the shower. If you want, you can leave it like this for a few minutes before washing it off. However, be sure to wash it out completely because it contains benzoyl peroxide, which can bleach your towels and clothes, so be sure to rinse it off completely.

You can continue to use deodorant, although some reviews on Amazon say it works so well that you don’t need to. You have to try to see what works best for you. Panoxil NO Solo cannot be used on the armpits, you can also apply it on the feet or any other part of the body that sweats a lot.

US$10 on Amazon

real testimonials

Ever since TikTok popularized the product, 51,000 Amazon buyers gave Panoxyl a five-star rating for eliminating acne on the face and body, as well as treating body odor.

One review on Amazon states, “My dermatologist suggested I use this on my armpits”. “Under my arms, even in my sweatshirt, there is always an unpleasant odor. I asked my dermatologist what I should do and have been using a very strong clinical deodorant for several years that doesn’t completely mask the odor. Testing natural deodorants… oh god, no, they won’t work. I used it on my underarms and noticed a huge difference from day one. It is resolved!”

“This Jawbone has literally changed my life. I used to feel very insecure because of my armpit odor and my English, but after using this soap, it doesn’t smell anymore”, wrote another person. “I also thought it looked bad after getting out of the shower, but it represented a change in the rules of the Jawbone game. I haven’t had any strong body odor since the time I started using this. I feel so grateful!”.

US$10 on Amazon

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