‘The Other Two’: Nepotism

‘The Other Two’ is a comedy that centers on the two eldest brothers of a teenage pop star. One of the most entertaining series of the last few years, which takes us through the heights of fame through satire.

I feel a weakness for series that talk about the audio-visual industry. Many of my favorite series satirize the show world that happens behind the camera, like 30 rock, come back, episode hey bojack horseman, Indeed, there are times when this sarcasm becomes reality, as it certainly has happened. the realities looked absolutely ridiculous 30 rock -¡huh hecho milf island de verdad!-, or includes areas where there is more alla del audiovisual como la politica Veep – Our patriotic counterpart, excellent vote for juanPassed from sarcasm to the mirror of a terrible and disturbing reality.

Follow (Kes Walker), better known as Cheezdreams, is a teenager, as he happened to Justin bieber In real life, he rose to fame thanks to his singing videos on YouTube. I went from an unknown to a pop star with millions of fans almost overnight. However, the hero of the other two No es el, son sus hermanos, “Los otros dos”, Carrie (Drew Tarver) Y Brooke (Helen Yorke).

Carrey is an actor, or at least tries to be one, as he juggles one bad role with another. And then you get someone. You are a person obsessed with being successful. You’re convinced that your destiny is to win an Oscar and grace magazine covers. Brooke, on the other hand, begins the series by abandoning the world of dance and gradually discovering her true vocation: to be the man who is found behind the stars, the one who leads the hair, the manager of them.

the other two This is a series through three brothers and their mother to Pat (Molly Shannon) walks through all aspects of show business performance A satire that deals with the humorous as well as the dark side of fame, Through Carrie, we’re told about the world of acting and the hopeless thing that falls over and over again, fighting for a dream that few achieve, and knowing that you’ll never give up. Can’t agree. Brooke is a thirty year old girl who, after dedicating herself to dance for decades, with the insecurities and stress that comes with it all, changed her professional career.

The series is a satire of the world of music that evolves into a satire of Hollywood.

Through his character, we realize that it is never too late, that you are not born knowing your place in the world or being an expert in anything, and that eventually life takes you, however hard the way. and is full of mistakes and frustration. Pat, a friendly personality towards Tudo El Mundo, Be the host of your own morning show, However, he carries with him a poisoned gift as his fame prevents him from living a normal life. Everyone loves her, she is a wonderful person with a huge heart, but she is so focused on giving everything to others that she is left with nothing for herself. However, even though everyone has their own problems, never give up on the person who needs them the most, Chase.

Today Chase is a star, but tomorrow, when he grows up, he won’t be a kid. His family knows that the dream he is living will not last forever, one day people will get bored and move on to the new singer of fashion. You know that Chase is a broken player in power, But he also knows that she is a child and that he must protect her because she lacks the maturity needed to face both her overwhelming present and her uncertain future. Carrie and Brooke are obsessed with being successful, but they’ve never taken advantage of their brother. No le tienon ni una pizzica de nvidia. Le quieren y le proten a muerte. Despite this it is bound to happen “brother of” It is with nepotism that although involuntary and not sought, they still take advantage of it.

Brothers Carey, Chase and Brooke.

he’s not the hero in the beginning Chase It’s Central Day the other two, the bond that unites them all, and the series is a satire of the music world – it has some songs, however comical, that I feel I’ve heard on loop too many times – but progressively evolves until it Hollywood doesn’t become a satire. From the absurd treatment of method actors to being spanked on the back by studios for insufficient LGBT representation in their films, There is no fear in being involved with everyone in the series and everyone is always with a great sense of humour.,

However, despite the many references to popular culture present throughout the series – even though I made a joke about a live-action remake bambi weeks before Disney officially announced it—, the other two is much more than a satire of the entertainment industry and fame, it’s a series about family,

It’s inescapable to think that its abrupt—even narratively perfect and satisfying—end has something to do with the ham surrounding the series’ hostile work.

The characters’ statuses change a lot over the course of 30 episodes, but that never stops them from uniting. They are loyal to each other, they don’t take advantage of each other, they don’t argue or feel bad. But The entertainment industry and fame corrupt, It is something that, if you do not know how to handle it, it leads a person to become selfish and jealous. take a carry con Curtis (Brandon Scott Jones), his best friend who is also an actor, who has a penchant for the job opportunities presented, and Brooke Conn. throw (Josh Segarra), her temporary partner, because of his commitment to society and, ultimately, to being a better person than her.

Carrie and Brooke are not bad people, nor do they want to be, but the stress and pressure they face has an effect and changes. The characters are based on the creators of the series, Chris Kelly and Sarah Schneider, and of course, this is something that happened to him during the making of the series as well. The day before the airing of the last episode of its third season, Max announced the end of the series. As usual, except in exceptional cases –ted lassoI Look at You When a series approaches its finale, it is announced months before the season airs, so that viewers can wake up.

When it’s announced a day before, it looks like a hidden cancellation, but both Max and the creators assured that it was eliminated by creative decision. However, during production of the previous season, several series workers and screenwriters complained of inappropriate and disrespectful behavior on the part of Kelly and Schneider. After an investigation, Test was not found and he was acquitted, but it’s inescapable to think that its abrupt – though narratively correct and satisfying – finale has something to do with the ham surrounding the hostile work in which the series is based. was constructed.

‘The Other Two’ is available on HBO Max.

the other two This is one of the funniest comedies of the last few years, Its humor is a machine gun of jokes and gags that rarely fails, a series that keeps the audience hooked with one action after another. His references to pop culture are constantSo that those who do more of the day-to-day work in Hollywood end up acting like the Leonardo DiCaprio memes that are constantly shown on television.

Fun, with spoiled milk, but also with a lot of heart, the other two This is one of those series that we will fondly remember. If you haven’t seen it yet, 30 episodes and hundreds of karkaz are waiting for you,

Written by Gabriel Cebrian ,

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