The most irrelevant objects in Fortnite according to players

Over the years, Epic Games has released numerous updates and added hundreds of new items to Fortnite, making the game incredibly popular. However, these updates have also introduced quite a few useless items that players would like to remove.

Recently, Fortnite players were asked to vote for the most irrelevant and useless item in the game. Reddit user adhamx1a started the discussion, suggesting bandages and DMR thermal weapons as options. However, not everyone agreed with the choice of weapons.

Many users noted that grenades are the most outdated item after they were nerfed in the previous season. The changes have greatly reduced their effectiveness, reducing the damage they deal to players and buildings. Once able to induce panic, grenades are now practically useless.

While grenades received a lot of upvotes, players also mentioned other items. Some have mentioned that wasp jugs and small fish are irrelevant, although this claim has been controversial as some felt that wasp jugs were too powerful.

The bandages were also mentioned as an irrelevant item. Players have explained that bandages have become ineffective, especially with the introduction of healing plants into the game. They also called for improved grenade performance.

In addition to these items, the Kinetic Boomerang, Big Bush Bomb, and Thermal Fish have also received votes as the most outdated items in Fortnite.

Interestingly, some players even voted for the FlapJack Rifle, which is considered one of the strongest weapons in the game. Opinions seem to be divided on what actually counts as the most inappropriate item in Fortnite.

What do you think is the most irrelevant item in the game right now?

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