the marriage of Isaias Acevedo to Gabriel Samarra, the magician of the stars; here is the details

abdel cespedes

Searching for couples on August 11, 2023 and getting married after finding out in an application for New Year’s relationship Gabriel Samra with your boyfriend Isaac Acevedo, The event took place in Miami, Florida. Samra told the media, “We both had just left a previous relationship and upon meeting, we immediately recognized that we were exactly what we were looking for in a pair.”

First, a religious ceremony was held at Coral Gables Church, where the lovers wore a beige bag with golden details, white shirts, pantaloons, mono and black shoes. She continued, “The day I opened the application (Isaac Acevedo) was the first one I saw as an option and when I replied, we started talking.” “We met the next day at a wonderful restaurant in Coral Gables and I remember when I saw him come in and sit down at the table, I thought he was the person I wanted to be with for the rest of my life. His light, his energy and His smile was everything I was looking for”.

abdel cespedes

Afterwards, I had a toast and celebration at a restaurant rusty pelican Also known as the above US city wizard of the stars and her husband now wears a navy blue bag with matching hat, white shirt with golden floral and jewel details; Like Como, Pantalone, Mono and Zapatos Pretos.

abdel cespedes

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Apart from the guests, they were also famous as the matrimonial family. Jacqueline bracamontes, carmen aub or federico diaz, among others. “We both said we knew each other was serious; in fact, I put a ring on my finger one morning during the month we started the relationship, as a symbol that he was with me.” I was determined to stay and it meant a lot to me”, she confessed.

abdel cespedes

Gabriel Samarra remembered how Isaac Acevedo asked for marriage. Ahora, los tortolitos están viviendo su luna de mi. “It was the most impactful way I could imagine. At a masterclass in downtown Miami, where there were over 300 people, right at the end of the class, for the moment, it interrupted my presentation”, he explains.

abdel cespedes

“It was the 14th of February, the day of lovers; he gave me flowers in front of all these witnesses and at the very moment when I was watching the flowers become emotional, he turned and asked me to marry him in a firm voice.”, continued. kept. “Supposedly I said I want to get married!”

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