Sleep protects the brain from this important disease

Thus, a group of scientists reported the results of various studies related to brain. They found that people who enjoy click could reduce chances of suffering dementia thus protecting him from this disease and others.

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Brain: Research shows daytime naps may reduce chances of dementia

Scientists from University College London have presented a study in which neuroscientist and lead author of the statement Valentina Paz writes that people who sleep click usually have brain more.

A study published in the journal Sleep Health shows that scientists Based on data from 378,932 people aged 40 to 69, they looked at sections of the genetic code that make these people more likely to sleep regularly.

Then they compared health cerebral and knowing those with and without daytime sleep genes using Mendelian randomization. This statistical method helps to obtain information about the relationship between exposure and outcome.

Thus, it was shown that short daily nap can help maintain volume brainsomething that is directly associated with healthy cognitive function, well-being, with a lower risk of dementia and other diseases.

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