Singles Day: This list of movies and series proves that being single is just as good as dating movies and series

who never gets tired of being disappointed again and again with a novel It didn’t work, throw the first stone. Times are different for single women today, but still, in a world where we’re taught that love for a partner deserves most of our energy, it’s still possible to hear “you need to find someone”. , “Don’t you feel so” needy?”, “When are you going to get married, huh?”, among other uncomfortable and indigestible phrases.

This speech is meant to inspire contrary to what single women would like to believe and take advantage of the arrival of Valentines this 15th August. SoloWe’ve put together a list of titles that prove that status is also synonymous with knowing what we really want – or just wanting to be alone, nothing more. Does anyone give warnings?

Now you can adjust the blankets on the couch and put down the popcorn. You movies and series All of the things below are perfectly suited for marathoning in the best company you can: yourself.

vulnerableLarry Wilmore, Issa Rae (2016)

Molly and Issa in “Insecure” – Photo: Playback/Instagram @insecurehbo

For Black women reading this, a high dose of Insecure can be just as comforting as a good therapy session. Issa (Issa Rae) and Molly (Yvonne Orji) are friends for life who, in their late 30s, are trying to deal with the combination of problems and joys that is adult reality, while racism rife in them . The first is dismayed that she has been dating Lawrence (Jay Ellis) for years, as she begins to see him as a comfortable guy, and also notes his dissatisfaction at work. On the other hand, Mauli feels happy in her career, but things are not going well in love. Result: Issa and Lawrence break up, Molly begins to try more out-of-the-box love experiences and a range of possibilities with many lessons in self-knowledge for both of them. Opens up.

how to stay singleChristian Dieter (2016)

“How to Be Single” (2016) is directed by Christian Ditter – Photo: Disclosure

If you like a comedy that kicks up the ante, take note: Alice, played by Dakota Johnson, has just gotten out of a relationship and doesn’t know how to deal with herself being single, but finds herself in the role of a man who does. In Who’s got a friend, who’s got everything, Robin (Rebel Wilson) an expert in New York nightlife, introduces her to the bright side of life with more freedom.

someone specialJennifer Caitlin Robinson (2020)

“Somebody Special” (2019) stars Gina Rodriguez and is a Netflix Original Production – Photo: Disclosure/Netflix

Prepare tissue. Music journalist Jenny (Gina Rodriguez) has to deal with the end of her relationship arranged by her then-boyfriend, Nate Davis (Lakeith Stanfield), because she doesn’t want to bet on a long-distance relationship with the communicator who has to do it. Does matter. Move to San Francisco to live the dream job. Breakup pain medicine? Living with an open heart on a trip to New York with best friends, closing (painful but healthy) cycles and learning profound lessons about self-knowledge.

she wants everythingSpike Lee (2017)

“She Wants It All” is a series inspired by director Spike Lee’s 1986 feature film – Photo: Disclosure

In Spike Lee’s ’80s-inspired series, Nola Darling (Dewanda Weisz) is a young militant artist living in Brooklyn, New York. Well-settled, successful and beyond independent, Nola has, at the same time, three relationships without labels: one with Greer, an unhappy, rich and very vain one; one with Mars, the fun-loving, young (and also more immature) who works as a motorcycle courier and the other with Jamie, polite, kind and overly protective. The combo may sound good even with the positive characteristics of all three, but is not enough for Nola, who puts her art, her friends and family first – and for this she is accused of three affairs in order to make a commitment. Is.

Bridget Jones’s DiarySharon Maguire (2001)

You might want to date and be single at the same time (Photo: Disclosure) – Photo: Glamour

a classic. Bridget Jones, a 32-year-old single journalist with a satisfying but not incredible job, decides she needs to get her life back in order and find the one man she can truly fall in love with. In an open diary with onlookers, she recounts her days’ experiences of achieving the goals she set out, without any glamour: shows character, in a welcoming manner, without filters and empowered by paranoia and insecurities With what is already known to all women, the life of an adult.

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