Shakira, Karol G and Rosalia star in artificial intelligence musical breakthrough

The use of artificial intelligence in creative processes remains a subject of intense debate across various industries as well as on the part of its creators. Among the most controversial points, especially in the realm of music, is the use of voices by famous artists to interpret themes that were not actually recorded by them.

The root of the rivuelo that caused a user theme that I used to replace the voices Drake or weekend April 2023, as sealed universal sent a request to the platform of streaming To restrict access to these applications, voice samples are required to train your technology. But after a few months, it was assumed that Universal itself may currently be working on a project to replace the real voices with artificial intelligence.

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Although this debate continues, it is clear that this class of experiments is abundant in the network. similar to the case of mash up whereby multiple songs are clubbed together to produce a specific result, regardless of their similarity or how different they are; Usually it involves an artist of a specific style interpreting a subject of another completely different style. hey bien, involucran, como en el caso de Drake or weekendA self-composed theme that includes voices from well-known artists using artificial intelligence.

Recently, a case came to light in which he raised his voice. Shakira, Karol G or rosalia, Due to the fact that all three recently went through separation Gerard Piqué, Anuel AA or Raw Alejandro, respectively; A professional musician decided to compose his own composition titled mejor me wa sin ti, But instead of summarizing their voices, they handed the microphones to three singers using artificial intelligence.

As stated in the video’s description on YouTube, “This song was written, recorded and produced by Triple X 369. I only used artificial intelligence to change the timbre of his voice.” In the comments, I praised the creator, being surprised by the ability of artificial intelligence in its eagerness to imitate the voices of the three singers. Even people thought it was a real collaboration, partly because of the video’s title, which is similar to the title used for the official release and its logo already in place. LookMusic video platform that uploads most releases by punter artists in the music business youtube,

However, there are also some commentators who are more skeptical of the extended use of artificial intelligence to carry out these “collaborations”, noting that this is one of the points that led to the origin of the screenwriters and the cast of actors. Is. Hollywood, Which has paralyzed the film industry at present. In that sense, the producer of the song emphasizes that he is not receiving any money for this recording, and only that he diverts the praise to the three singers.

The person responsible for this composition, which has already crossed million replicas on youtube, is singer and producer triple x 369, your real name is abdil maderoAnd he is a Cuban musician based in the United States who comes to work his way into the music business, betting on the urban style.

Madero has worked with this technique on several recordings that are available on both YouTube and digital platforms. It has composed, recorded and produced a number of themes featuring voices from artists Bad Bunny, Becky G, Myke Towers, Anuel AAO! 6ix9nine (De both grabo tyraderas de uno hacia el otro, referring to yellin,

Undoubtedly, the voices that have repeated Madero the most are artificial intelligence Karol ji, In addition to this use mejor wa sin tiThere bichota “participated in i don’t want to marry Thief chancho corleone, Clona Thief featherweightor vetowith Becky G or little natasha,

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