Senior Caucus analyzes health challenges in this sector – PAHO/WHO

Oruro, Bolivia, August 15, 2023 (PAHO)- The departmental meeting of the elderly identified the needs and demands that this sector of the Bolivian population has in the health system, as well as the problems in health care, the Unified Health System (UHS), promotion and prevention and, finally, reference and counter-reference in inter-level systems.

The first departmental meeting of the elderly was held in the city of Oruro. The meeting was hosted by the Oruro Department of Health (SEDES) with technical support from the Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO).

Elderly people who attended the meeting indicated that the COVID-19 pandemic has affected priority care for the elderly in various organizations, especially healthcare facilities; and they also identified some issues such as the continued guarantee of availability of medicines and the provision of additional food subsidies in all municipalities.

The event was attended by the director of SEDES Dr. Juan Challapa, responsible for non-communicable diseases, Ramiro Ramirez, president of the Sabaya Foundation for the Elderly, Praxida Mamani, and more than 50 older people from different municipalities of the department. meeting.

SEDES is committed to managing demand and taking the necessary steps to work together to address identified issues.

“Older people are eligible for comprehensive health care benefits and with dignity, aging is a shared and personal experience, and work needs to be done to have a dignified old age, not only for this generation, we think, for future generations,” he said. , Chalapa.

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