• A collaboration agreement was signed through the Themascalli Institute with the University of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

San Luis Potosi is providing mental health support for the Potosinos with the signing of a collaboration agreement between the Temascalli Institute and the University of Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA, to promote interagency work. Raise awareness and educate about mental health, substance use disorders and eating behaviors through academic visits and psycho-pedagogical events.

René Contreras Flores, director of the Temascalli Institute, said San Luis Potosi Governor Ricardo Gallardo Cardona’s direction is to strengthen the state agency through the sum of the efforts of agencies, educational institutions, and public, private and public organizations. civil society actors, so the signing of the agreement took place at the Temazcalli facilities.

He mentioned that university leaders such as Ron Walker, Acting Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences; Sara Wheeler, Freshman Program Coordinator, and Bruce Dean Willis, Professor of Latin American Literature; as well as a group of new students.

He explained that after the signing of the agreement, young students from the United States took a tour of the facilities and learned about the work being done in various fields. In addition, they received two presentations on “Mental health and its relationship with neurodevelopmental disorders” and “Psychopathology of addictions”. In the same way, they conducted play and therapeutic activities with child patients from the field of autism.

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