Rumors abound about singer Harry Styles’ new romance

Miami.- after completing his world tour love on the goBritish singer Harry Styles has resumed his regular activities such as sharing with family and friends. However, in the last days the interpreter watermelon sugar Sharing extremely intimate poses with actress Taylor Russell and one’s suspicions have been captured Romance.

Although neither of the two stars have confirmed that they are in a relationship, the pictures do the job in their own right. The two had a night out together, they were seen laughing and supporting each other, as well as Styles watching the premiere of Work Attempt in which Taylor participates.

The singer’s last formal relationship was with actress and director Olivia Wilde, whom he dated for two years and split in November 2022. Later, in March this year, Harry was linked with model Emily. Rataikovsly, but the matter is not a transit.

However, even though a romance between Harry and Taylor is almost a dream come true for many of their followers, others are unaware of who this actress is and what her background is.

Taylor Russell is a Canadian actress who has ventured into the acting industry. I got my first big break in 2018 when I got a role in a Netflix series. lost in SpaceWhere she took on the role of Judy Robinson.

“I hope people like it and I hope girls can look at my personality and see something that they can identify with, not just myself. I know there aren’t women of color who like the science fiction genre and I feel very fortunate that I have been chosen to be in this position in our program”, I then tell The Grio.

In 2019, Taylor starred in the horror film escape room and drama Wave’s.

However, the film was bones and all (2022) which has given it the biggest exposure in the industry. Bones and All of 2022 The film, starring opposite Timothée Chalamet, is based on the lives of two young cannibals.

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