Robert Pattinson: his musical past and his influence on cinema

Today, Robert Pattinson (Batman – 85%, Tenet – 83%, El Diablo all time – 65%) is already an actor known with an extensive trajectory in both big films and independent films. He never got the role of Batman/Bruce Wayne in the upcoming film adaptation of Gothic Hero. However, few people know that before devoting himself entirely to acting, the artist began a musical career, which he never abandoned, allowing himself to sing and compose songs that were part of some of his films. Was part of the soundtrack.

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Pattinson’s film career began on Strap in 2004. Vanity Fair, After that he played a minor role, but was remembered in the Harry Potter saga. However, the role that really catapulted him to fame – whether for better or for worse – was as Edward Cullen in the Twilight franchise – 48%, whose first belt is in 2008.

In those years the actor had already started dabbling in music and if he did not have the opportunity to record anything professionally, he made some appearances in pubs. Similarly, Pattinson had already begun writing songs and recording himself as an amateur, but this, fortunately, gave him the opportunity to learn about and win over the directors he worked with. .

Robert Pattinson en damsel (Credits: Netflix)
Robert Pattinson en damsel (Credits: Netflix)

never mind and let me sign twilight

before acting twilightBy the time Pattinson had already written the now-popular songs “Never Think” and “Let Me Sign”, however, he had no interest in recording them professionally, nor in teaching them to the industry. in an interview with Los Angeles Times (Via showbiz cheat sheet), the actor said that he did not want it to sound like he was trying to gather evidence to stand out in the musical with the performance, as it was just his backup plan.

Sin embargo, las dos canciones legeron a manos de la directora de twilightCatherine Hardwicke (Miss Bala: Sin Piedad – 29%, or te extrano – 69%), who consulted with Pattinson before deciding to cast him in the film. Interpreter Sorprendio found himself in the film with his piece and did not know how it got into the hands of the director, but that was not the biggest problem.

On the other hand, “Never Think” Suenna in the background, and very subtly, after Edward rescues Bella from the people of Port Angeles when they head to the scene. However, the song that carries the most weight is “Let Me Sign”, which can be heard in the scene in which Edward has to choose between turning Bella into a vampire or sucking James’ poison while his girlfriend is unconscious. She goes.

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honeybun n damsel

In 2018, Pattinson starred in Damsel Belt, written and directed by the David Zellner brothers. nathan zellner, which tells the story of a man named Samuel who travels through the west of the United States to fulfill his promise in the mountains. For this film, the actor also composed a song which is part of the soundtrack; This pizza is “Honeybun”, which also rings on the strap.

Willow in the High Life

Finally, in 2019, the actor starred in the film Claire Denis (Una bella luz interior – 92%, white content – 88%) High Life – 73%, which tells the story of Monte and his daughter Willow, who live in complete isolation on a spaceship. They were never alone: ​​they were part of a group of condemned men who had agreed to commute their sentences by participating in a mission assigned to the blackest gun closest to Earth.

For this film, the actor lent his voice to the main part of the soundtrack, “Willow”. Pattinson sings with independent band Tindersticks, singer Stuart A. staples I composed the entirety of the original score.

As such, it’s clear that Pattinson is an excellent actor on a grassroots level, but he also has a very interesting musical side that has allowed him to be a very well-rounded performer with many directors who are a pleasure to work with.

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