Robert De Niro turns 80 and New York is preparing a big celebration in his honor

Legendary actor, producer and director Robert De Niro turns 80 this July 17., A true cinema legend, thanks to his chameleon-like ability to immerse himself in an infinite number of roles, De Niro’s fame spread across the screen and turned him into a true icon of universal popular culture. To celebrate his great legacy, producer Tribeca, of which the actor is a co-founder, will organize a festival dedicated to his personality next month in September.,

Robert De Niro with Al Pacino Irishmanby Martin Scorsese.

Robert De Niro was born on August 17, 1943, in New York City to a family of artists in Greenwich Village. As a teenager, she began studying theater with renowned drama teacher Stella Adler., He made his cinematographic debut in 1969 with the opening of Broadway’s Independent Scene. wedding party by Brian De Palma (although the film was shot six years earlier). Instead of a few bad movies, De Niro’s talent will start to shine one player last fight (1973); That same year, Will inaugurate his artistic society with director Martin Scorsese in the film mean streets,

De Niro and Leonardo DiCaprio in a scene assassins of the flower moon,

from there big successes like Taxi driveralso by Scorsese, with whom he would film other famous productions; toro salvaje (which earned him his first Oscar in 1981 as his second Best Actor), buenos muchachos, casino, cape of dread or Irishman, under the orders of Francis Ford Coppola Rodeo El Padrino II: for this last film, he received a Hollywood statuette, in ’75, as best actor of distribution, In addition to many other films, De Niro also made comedies (analyze me, los fockers) and action movies (ronin), almost always – with a few exceptions – great successes of tequila. one of his last works assassins of the flower moon, with Leonardo DiCaprio and, once again, under the direction of Scorsese; Expected premiere set for October 6 from this year.

In May 2022, American actors came to Argentina to film their participation. AnythingSeries by Mariano Cohn and Gaston Duprat Starring Luis Brandoni, who will soon be watching Star+. De Niro plays an alien friend of the persona that embodies the Argentine actor, in a bond that somehow emulates the one that actually unites the two., According to Brandoni’s own report, the friendly relationship between the two originated more than 30 years ago at the request of Lito Cruz. This was the famed New York interpreter’s second experience in Argentina, after she performed in the 80s Target,

Next September 29 to October 1, in New York, where last June he handed over the keys to the city to be one of its most distinguished citizens, Robert De Niro will be honored at the “De Niro” by Tribeca. Con”, an event with the projection of films ranging from the legendary actor, Charles, singing and recreation of iconic scenes Some of his films The celebration will take place at Spring Studios and is expected to be attended by great personalities from art and show, many of whom will also be great friends of his, in addition to the great honorees.

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