Riot Games Reveals Valorant 2023 Off-Season Schedule

riot game announced the schedule for the next VALORANT esports out of seasonwhich will take place between September 2023 and January 2024. The company announced over 40 events around the world which will include exhibition matches, LAN tournaments and open qualifiers.

The bulk of the VALORANT 2023 competitive season concludes with the biggest competitive VALORANT tournament ever. VALORANT Championscurrently taking place in Los Angeles, USA. With the event ending on August 26, this leaves players and teams with a significant gap in the competitive schedule as partner leagues like the VCT EMEA return in January 2024.

To bridge the gap and deliver content to both players and viewers during this period, Riot Games created a calendar for this off-season. This is the second year that official tournaments have been held in the off-season, and this time there will be more events. Before the start of the new season, it will take about 40 events of varying sizes and locations, and Riot Games is partnering with third-party tournament organizers to bring them to life..

For comparison, Last year’s announcement, a total of 25 events were held.

Each region will have its own part of events. Region There will be at least 17 events in the Asia-Pacific regiondistrict of America at least 15 And EMEA at least 8. This makes sense because of the size of the regions. According to Riot Games, this is not the final number, and more events may be added towards the end of the year.

Riot Games will support off-season events through our channels, a dedicated up-to-date calendar page, and recommendations to ensure a smooth event after event.

Riot Games Statement

In 2023, famous events and organizers such as Coupe the France and BME Superdome in Egypt will return to take place again in the EMEA region, as well as Crossfire Cup in Spain.

The Ludwig x Tarik Invitational, the event that kicked off the 2022 off-season, will also return for a second time in America. Interestingly, a women’s tournament was announced for North America, created in collaboration with the Army National Guard, called the Neon Dream Women’s VALORANT Invitational.

In the Pacific, viewers will be able to watch the Red Bull Home Ground in Japan, as well as the VALORANT India Invitational and VALORANT Sensational Social Summer Shindig.

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