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Wanda del Valle Bermudez Viera, former partner of gunman Christopher Fuentes González, also known as “Maldito Chris” (Cursed Chris), was included in the Rewards Program

From Friday S$150,000 (US$41,600) is being offered for information leading to her capture.

Member criminal organization “El Tren de Aragua” (Train Aragua), Venezuelan citizen Wanda del Valle is accused of conspiracy to commit a contract killing.

Among the most wanted

After analyzing the case The Department of the Interior Crime Reward Evaluation Commission determined that the person under investigation should be placed on the “Most Wanted List” of the bounty program.

Within this framework S/150,000 ($41,600) is offered in exchange for information leading to her whereabouts and capture.

Inside “El Tren de Aragua” Del Valle allegedly performs the illegal task of collecting money from various illegal activities such as racketeering, extortion, and blackmail demands.

According to investigations, Wanda del Valle would contact various criminals to offer them through social media a promise to pay large sums of money in exchange for killing a Peruvian National Police officer.

Thus, The judiciary ordered the location and detention of the aforementioned Venezuelan criminal for conspiracy and offered money for the crime of contract killing to the detriment of Revoredo Farfan.

FThe San Juan de Lurigancho District First Court of Criminal Appeals in Lima on Friday ordered the suspect to be held in pre-trial detention for seven days and notified Interpol that a warning had been issued.

Free number and website

Citizens who have information about wanted persons included in “Most Wanted List” You can cooperate with the authorities on (+51) 0800 40 007, free of charge and with all security and confidentiality guarantees.

To see the faces of those required for the various crimes included in the Rewards program, you can visit this site: click here.

Editor’s Note: Based on information provided by the Peruvian Ministry of the Interior.

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