Proyecto Extraction, Jackie Chan and John Cena’s combo you’ll love

yes we miss a good movie Jackie Chan And that’s what we got with Proyecto Extraction or as it’s called Hidden Strike in English.

Now partner, partner or co-protagonist, as you wish to see john cena The man who lives under the pine tree under the sea is a WWE fighter for over 20 years and an actor in series such as Die Heart or DC: peace makerin addition to Strips like Suicide Squad and Fast & Furious.

John Cena and Jackie Chan in Proecto Extraction, via Netflix
John Cena and Jackie Chan in Proecto Extraction, via Netflix

What is Proecto Extraction about?

The extraction project is based on the premise that a Chinese commando led by Jackie Chan (Luo Feng) must rescue a group of workers trapped in a refinery; On the other hand, John Cena (Chris Van Horn) is an ex-soldier who now works to raise resources, most importantly, water for a small village in the middle of nowhere.

In these actions, Cena attacks Jackie’s convoy, achieving his objective and in a film without pretense, betrayal, redemption and, well, in a good action movie, they end up working together. Obviously, if you return to a movie the ending and everything is predictable ‘It’s not the story that matters, it’s how it’s done’‘ And for that, Jackie Chan knows them all, everybody.

lo bueno y malo de proecto extraction

at first it was agreed that this is for Netflix, In the cinema it will definitely not go unnoticed and it is better to enjoy someone to co-star with. It is a fun film, with action choreography that we have come to expect and deserve from this combo. Jackie Chan’s agility surprises, It seems that it will not get old, keep making your scenes and pay attention to the school (literally, there is a school in China for doubles action) that provides assistance, so that everything is more real and CGI be of lesser use is d’ésir, a la vieja escuela. Perhaps, we are lacking a little more comical action.

to John Cena, he get away from the wwe he has served Since he lost muscle to be able to have better mobility, of course, he still feels huge compared to Jackie, compared to any normal person. What you can see is that he has taken classes, his charisma helps a lot for this type of persona and what sets him apart from Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock, he doesn’t impose absurd restrictions like he never had Will not be beaten by hand, nor will be beaten. Because of that we had a pathetic Black Adam. It’s on Batista’s side (Drax in Guardians of the Galaxy) where he understands that personality matters and not the fame of the actor, which is why Peacemaker is one of the best comic products.

we also see Chunrui Ma as Chan’s daughter who deals well with the drought; the villain is in charge Pilou Asbak Like Owen Paddock and sure, he’s kind of sarcastic to the point of being too bad, but he also does it correctly.

Chunrui Ma and Jackie Chan en Proecto Extraction via Netflix
Chunrui Ma and Jackie Chan en Proecto Extraction via Netflix

What is noteworthy is that according to the people who are on the screen we use Chinese and English and we do not see the Chinese military speaking terrible English as it happens in real life. Welcome to Director Scott Waugh,

The locations are nice, a factory and a desert, more than what you’ll see during 1:45 minutes of a day, nothing spectacular. What is disputed is the poor relationship between the heroes, Requires a lot of focus on the characters and their past,

obviously leave the door for the sequel And more to the point, let’s see how this Chan-Cena relationship works out in the long run and with good results like Chan had with Owen Wilson and Chris Tucker.

John Cena and Jackie Chan in Proecto Extraction, via Netflix
John Cena and Jackie Chan in Proecto Extraction, via Netflix

Proyecto Extraction or Hidden Strike, as you prefer, will change your life again, after watching this strap on your world will be the same, but During this you protested and became emotional, This is the kind of movie that makes no difference if it goes on a truck, a plane, or Channel 5, even if it’s dubbed in Spanish and done with commercials. This is what you expect from a Jackie Chan movie,

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