Players have already figured out what the next big thing in Valorant will be, but Riot Games isn’t worried about that. There will be a big announcement next week – Valorant

Riot Games is predictable when it comes to new content announcements, but hopes to surprise players with an upcoming presentation.

Developers valiant I don’t want to slow down first semester full of new products. Just a few weeks after dead end Coming into the game as a new agent, Riot Games is starting to set the stage for what looks like the introduction of a new map. This was done by the developer, who released a preview on their social networks, in which they begin to offer hints to players. A video in just a few seconds that points to a set of cards in Los Angeles, whose characteristicsYes, they will remain a mystery for a few more days.

A new map will appear in Valorant very soon

riot game This predictable developer when creating ads and the type of progress made corresponds to the usual movement in the company to introduce a new card. Also, it’s a novelty that’s “catchy” given that the last new scenario featured in the game was Pearl last January and the recent launch of Deadlock. Apart from the main surprise this add-on will be the tenth map of the tactical shooter. A number that gets pretty high when you consider that only seven can be in the competitive rotation at the same time.

As for the details of the new map, everything indicates that the action will take place in the city of Los Angeles. To come to that conclusion, again, you have to pay attention to the usual company clues. Both a night market and a level 48 player card. in that last battle pass they show images relatively similar to those of an American city. Also, the video that anticipated this new scenario is consistent with the fictional version of this real world “world capital”.

Up front, it is assumed that KINGDOM is carrying out suspicious activities in Los Angeles.

As if clues weren’t enough, Riot Games announced that the official presentation of the new content will take place on August 26, 2023.. This date coincides with the end of the Valorant World Championship, which is taking place in Los Angeles during this month and for which there will be a big Party View Event in Barcelona. The truth is that the developer didn’t try to hide his mark and hopes to surprise players with the details of this new scenario rather than the announcement itself. News, anyway should come into play with the start of Act 2 of Series 7the expected release date is September.

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